A Wee Bit ‘o Content for Level 20-90 Players?

Written by Feldon on . Posted in EQ2, Game Updates & Maintenance

Wish there was something new to do in the lower levels rather than needing to race to max level? From EQ2 Lead Designer Kander on the EQ2 Forums, we have a tease of something interesting…

We actually have some content updates coming for players level 20 to 90. Soon. Yup updates. Plural.

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Comments (4)

  • Blacklash


    Great! Looking forward to new mid level content.


  • Deveryn


    Caith hinted at something as well, in the crafting discussion about the new tier of harvests. “I wouldn’t say that would be a waste. There will be reasons to have every tier of resources on hand, coming to an expansion near you! “


  • Hoot


    Completely pointless. The game is going to be ten years old this coming November and every year there is less and less endgame content. Why concentrate on useless content?

    That is of course if it’s just a few quests here and there…


    • Nessari


      Endgame content is useless to many including myself. You get shiny new stuff every expansion; don’t try to rain on a pittance given occasionally to others.


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