Dealing With NBE-1013 Account Errors

Written by Feldon on . Posted in EQ2, Game Updates & Maintenance

While getting the NBE-1013 error on an SOE account is certainly not a new occurrence, it seems that quite a few players have been experiencing it in the last hour or so in EQ2 as well as in Planetside 2. Here’s the error:

Error NBE-1013: We have detected there is a problem with access to this game. Please “click here” for possible solutions.

According to SeanF of SOE Tech Support, this is an individual account issue which must be fixed by Customer Service on a case-by-case basis:

This error code typically means there is a problem with your account that we will need to fix on our end. If you have not already done so, please submit a support ticket with us and we will be happy to assist you further.

UPDATE: It looks like this may have been a more widespread problem but people who were unable to login and had not yet submitted a ticket are already seeing that they’re able to login now. We’ll keep watch on this issue.

Final update from Luperza:

Merged all the threads together about this topic. (Might have missed a few. I’ll check on Monday when I get into work.)

We had an outage from 4:30 – 5:50 PM PDT. Our Platform Team was able to resolve the issue at 5:50 PM PDT and everything seems to be working fine now.

Please let us know if you are experience any further reports of this error.

Thank you for your patience and please enjoy the final hours of double guild experience!

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Comments (7)

  • Vapur


    The NBE-1013 error says: “click here” for possible solutions. When you click it, it goes to a removed article on That’s not very helpful at all. If it requires us to submit a ticket, then they need to change that link to the petition page.


  • Benjamin


    Having this problem now. Reference #140726-000706

    I used the /camp #name to change characters, now I cannot play.

    A non-existent article AND nothing on the Knowledge Base is annoying.

    Should be a “click here” link to submit ticket.


  • Sisca


    It would also help if you could login to the website to actually submit a ticket.

    Apparently this is springing back up again as I’ve seen a number of people saying they know someone experiencing the issue this weekend and my wife just got kicked from the game and is now experiencing it.


  • badcat


    well the nbe-1013 error is back again this is getting old


  • umedon


    And all the threads on Sony’s forums are deleted or closed. sounds like they are trying to put the lid back on Pandora’s box.

    I’m also effected by this error message. just going to play something else till Sony gets around to fixing this, and yes I have submitted a ticket.

    Star Trek Online how are you old friend.


  • Eerrol


    I submitted a ticket around 6:15; it is two hours later and I STILL can not log in. That is a tad frustrating for sure


  • Nasraddin


    It is now really funny to me how old this post is and it is the exact problem I am having today, what 2 years later, you’d think they would have had time to figure it out by now


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