EQ2 Devs Participate in Ask Me Almost Anything on Reddit

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Reddit, that last bastion of 1990’s internet look-and-feel, hosted an “Ask Me Almost Anything” with the EQ2 developers and designers this morning and Cyliena of EQ2 ZAM has summarized the most interesting questions which received responses from the team. Here are a few of the more interesting responses:

Q: “Any hints on the next expansion’s theme? Will the level cap finally raise to 100 with it?”

A: “You may want to tune into the next EQ2 Insider livestream on http://www.twitch.tv/everquest2. 😉 It’ll be May 7th, 2014 at 2PM PDT! (We’ll have a YT vod up if you can’t watch it live.)”

A: “We gave you hints last year at SOE Live! We showed pictures!”

Followup: The teaser pictures shown during last year’s SOE Live expansion panel were of dinosaurs(another here from the art panel).


Q: “Hello, can you give an update on the improved Dungeon Finder / Group Builder? Including when it might make its way to the live servers?”

A: “As I mentioned above, we have Dave Kish working on the matchmaking code now. The first task was to create an environment to adequately test and evaluate the issues that are reported on Live and we have tracked a lot down. We will let the community know anytime we have something to report, like when we’d help to test new code on Beta, etc. This is one of our highest priorities.”

Continue reading EQ2 AMAA on Reddit Notes at EQ2 ZAM for a whopping 7 pages of questions and answers!

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Comments (5)

  • Gash


    Q: “I have heard rumors about a fabled deathtoll, which I know you cant confirm or deny.”

    A: “RUMORS! You’re right. The design team is working on a fabled version of Deathtoll. :)”



  • Moose


    With DF I still see failure do to the heavy scripting in the zones and add in unless eq2 uses a gear score and guarantees a tank/ healer it will flop. I want it to work but I am going to be negative nancy on this.


    • Neiloch


      EQ2, (and most mmo’s) has an internal gear score they can use to check players. The only abnormal requirement for ToV zones outside of the trinity is some things needing a mage cure, but that is hardly a hurdle.


  • Tomanator


    In the QA they stayed that they aren’t releasing another fabled this year, so I wonder where Deathtoll fits in???


    • Feldon


      I believe the quote was One more Fabled dungeon this year but not a major push.


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