PvP Player Pranks “Update Notes”, Launches Useful Debate on Revitalizing Nagafen Server

Written by Feldon on . Posted in EQ2, Game Updates & Maintenance, PvP/BG/Proving Grounds

So this one ALMOST took me, but fortunately I read through the thread further and realized it was not posted by a developer or sourced from any official post. Originally entitled “PvP Update Notes for March 25, 2014“, a player named Xray started a thread laying out an extensive series of changes — some minor, some drastic rule changes — to the PvP-only Nagafen server which would completely change how the server works, and more importantly, make PvP relevant enough that players might come back.

I won’t quote the entire bullet point manifesto, but it’s a captivating read if you are at all interested in Battlegrounds or PvP and have seen the writing on the wall of Nagafen server population. Despite the new Warfronts and Warzones, numbers aren’t looking good. Meanwhile, the Battlegrounds matchmaker has been putting together nonsensical groups since November, yet a fix remains elusive.

Some players took the “update notes” as an April Fool’s joke, while most others saw it as wishful thinking, but it got a lot of positive feedback. Then it was lent credence by none other than Kander who posted this:

There are lots of changes here we can make pretty easily. The copy to Nagafen issue turned out to be much more difficult than anticipated, so that is not going to happen anytime soon. We will go ahead and look at the list here and see we can get done soon.

The EQ2 team is likely already turning their attention to November’s colossal expansion which will see new zones, new dungeons, new raids, and, a level cap raise, but hopefully, something can be done for those who like hardcore gameplay.

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  • FireSmed2014


    I use to post one of these every year in the old forums. It was a compilation of wishful thinking, constructive bitching and tactful requests for a change or two. They threatened to ban me so I stopped.


  • milliebii


    ” November’s colossal expansion which will see new zones, new dungeons, new raids, and, a level cap raise,” I think I will remember that quote Feldon, I hope it was made with at least an element of sarcasm. Otherwise I think it will come back to haunt you. Particularly the “colossal”.


    • Feldon


      No sarcasm, but maybe I’m too close to the EQ2 team.


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