Erollisi Day 2014 Goes Live!

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Erollisi Day went live this morning, and ZAM and EQ2Traders have already posted their guides with the new event information.

From the EQ2 ZAM announcement:

Erollisi Day is an annual Live Event which coincides with the Valentine’s Day holiday. It is held in honor and celebration of Erollisi Marr, the Goddess of Marksmanship and Love and sister of Mithaniel Marr, the Truthbringer. The Sisterhood of the Erollisi, along with Aaronolis Swornlove, are active participants in the act of spreading her word of love.

Should you need a hand looking for roses to give away, sorting out the Chronomages, or making a new topiary, we’ve got it for you at ZAM!

Erollisi Day Guide at EQII ZAM!

And if you’re completely crazy about your alts (really, who isn’t?) you might enjoy our:

Erollisi Day Quest Tracker!

From the EQ2Traders announcement:

What does the racket of a barrel full of goblins have to do with Erollisi Day in any way, shape or form? My Muse seems to think they go together in Curtain Call, the short story to go along with the E-Day preview. Erollisi Day officially kicks off at midnight Pacific tonight (well, one minute after midnight, but close enough!), so get ready for love notes, hard candies, roses galore, and … curtains!

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  • Pipsissiwa


    Just as a heads up, the achievement this year is buggy as hell. I posted on the forums about it and SOE know and are gonna fix it. I got mine fixed by a lovely GM – it is worth petitioning.

    Main issue is some (non repeatable until next year) quests not updating the achievement properly, but some are finding that they can’t buy more of the achievement reward once they have it too.


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