Update Notes: Tuesday, May 21, 2013

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From the EQ2 Forums:


Cobalt Scar

  • Kelorek’Dar no longer stuns or interrupts players as a damage shield. He will instead damage player’s power pools slightly at the same frequency.
  • Collections – Collectibles in Cobalt Scar should be more readily available


  • Kuom’Ziki will no longer continue to speak when he is dead.

Jarsath Wastes

  • Fixed a spawn point for collectible shinny that was below the surface at location -1619 183 1116.


  • The “Sabertooth Champion” should start spawning again. The respawn for him is around 20 minutes.

Sleepers Tomb

  • Sleepers tomb raid – challenge mode ancient sentinel no longer heals itself with Touch of Velium II spell.


  • The Travelling Augur is adjusted to prevent the possibility of him falling beneath the dock.

Siren’s Grotto: Dissension

  • The second respawn location should not be available until the doors to the second half of the zone are unlocked.


  • Fusion now has the same range and radius in PVP as it does in PVE.


  • Disorientation will now properly lower the inquisitor’s threat position.


  • Harmony will now properly lower the templar’s threat position.


  • Brambles will now properly lower the fury’s threat position.


  • Willow Wisp will now properly lower the warden’s threat position.


  • Terror Chant will now properly lower the defiler’s threat position.


  • Spirits will now properly lower the mystic’s threat position.


  • Death Grip once again functions in PVP combat.
  • Undead Horde II now summons the correct amount of minions in PVP combat.


  • Bear Pelt and Reptile Hide bandoliers now properly function as thrown weapons.


  • [eq2u]Praetor’s Imperial Orb[/eq2u] now correctly upgrades from the [eq2u]Praetor’s Immortal Orb[/eq2u] instead of the [eq2u]Brutalizer’s Immortal Orb[/eq2u].


  • Items sold by Drinal’s Steward, and several items dropped in Siren’s Grotto: Dissension are no longer Lore. Many of these items will continue to be Lore-Equip.
  • Haste has been added to Drinal’s Steward Tier 2 gloves.
  • [eq2u]Spirit Infused Steward’s Claws of Battle[/eq2u] now have block chance.
  • Othmir Dragon Bone Awning will now properly attach to walls.


  • Quest: Scattered to the Wind – In the quest description, Keeper Orlis will now be referred to as a “she” instead of a “he”.
  • Cobalt Scar: On the quest Camp Defense, you will now receive credit for a zombie entering your bonfire even if it was previously lit by another player.

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