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I had every confidence that Player Studio would demonstrate the creativity and artistic talent of EQ2 players, but I continue to be impressed by what is being approved and added on an almost weekly basis.


Four new cloaks created by a player — Lyranny — are now available in the Marketplace!

Halasian Wolfskin Cloak (Top Left)

Erollisi Courter’s Cloak (Top Right)

Golden Sun Cloak (Bottom Left)

Halasian Loyalist’s Cloak (Bottom Right)

For more information about Player Studio, click here!

In addition to these new Player Studio items available today, you can also get your hands on the Crimson Magus Collection and the Prowler Family!

Crimson Magus Collection

Prowler Family

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Comments (3)

  • Karith


    How does it work if someone uses their free 500 SC to buy something that a player submitted to player studio?


  • Charn


    I think the player creator would still get paid . . . Does SOE actually keep track of which of my SC is free? Sure, if I ONLY have the free 500, but if I have more, how would they know which I’m using for what?


  • Lock


    That 500 SC that we receive every month is really not “free”. We pay a subscription fee for it. It’s a “5 dollar” perk. (Though, as we all know, it’s nothing but air really)

    If you use a buy one get one free coupon for a product in a store, the original manufacturer of the product still gets paid for it. The store takes the hit. (which would only be the actual cost of the item. In this case, just the amount going to the player.)


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