Game Update 65.5: PvP Changes Coming February 26th

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A mini-game update is coming on Tuesday, February 26. Included in this update are a number of tweaks, changes, and updates coming to PvP! Colette “Dexella” Murphy chatted with Brian “Omougi” Ferguson about what players will see and experience after the update.

Colette “Dexella” Murphy: In her Producer’s Letter, Holly “Windstalker” Longdale mentioned new blue adornments. How will these blue adornments work? How will they differ from other adornments?

Brian “Omougi” Ferguson: We are adding blue adornment slots to Imperial PVP charms, necklaces, cloaks, belts, and weapons. New blue adornments to fill these slots will be available for purchase in Champion’s Respite.
These new blue adornments can add a passive effect, like a regenerating ward, or an active effect, like a lifetap proc, to your gear. Many of these blue adornments will increase in power if you equip multiples of them in different slots, so you’ll want to mix and match to find the sweet spot for your character’s build. These effects will only activate in PVP combat.

Dexella: What are some of the other key features of this PvP update?

Omougi: A large portion of this update has been spent working with our PVP community to further fine tune our class balance and continue to improve the overall PVP combat experience. Additionally, we are improving the open world PVP hotzone rotation to include some more interesting & relevant zones. We are also improving what our Toughness and Lethality stats can do for you at lower levels, so it’s easier than ever to get into PVP!

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  • Seliri


    This is a joke.

    Lets blame budgetary woes or bureaucratic developer/producer stonewalling.


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