BeetleMania! EQ2Wire Beastlord Warder Guide Update

Written by Feldon on . Posted in Game Updates & Maintenance

I’d like to take a moment and express my sincere gratitude to Ferrek who took my We Need Screenshots call to arms as a personal challenge and set out to document every Insect and Arachnid that could be found in Norrath! Every screenshot and note on the Insects tab (as well as numerous contributions elsewhere in the Warder guide) was submitted by Ferrek.

I’m happy to announce that our Beastlord Warder Guide now sports 39 Insect appearances.

Note: 6 of the appearances are “bone spiders” and right now, charming any of them results in a grey beetle, but hopefully this will get fixed soon. Also, perhaps I was a bit overenthusiastic, but I’ve added a black scorpion style for which we have yet to locate a tameable example.

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Comments (5)

  • Ferrek


    Best post ever Feldon, thank you for the recognition. Spent a lot of hours running around all the outdoor zones.

    There still might be a few insects out there not on this list though! Anyone running contested dungeons or instances, keep an eye out for anything missing 🙂


  • Betony


    WOW! Thank you Feldon and Ferrek!!


  • foodcity


    And now to figure out if I can tame ravesect’s…… Once I hit level 60 ish, that is 🙂


  • wynterbreeze


    Someone please tell me where and how I can get the quest to tame insect warders.


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