Update Notes: Friday, November 16, 2012

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UPDATE: This update was postponed, but servers came down just the same.

From the EQ2 Forums:

Harrow’s End

  • Exhaustive Souldrain should now have examine text that accurately explains what it does.
  • Drinal should no longer think he is using less soulwells than have been consumed. This should correct the issue with him dropping empty chests.
  • Drinal will no longer auto consume the last soulwell if players do not allow him to consume any other soulwells. After all four soulwells have been destroyed he will imbue himself with a random ability and challenge level will be set to one soulwell.
  • Triggered effect on players from Power over Death has been increased in potency.

Altar of Abhorrence

  • A new stirge has been added to the zone that is not required to spawn the Fear Feaster in order for players to be able to set lockouts if they so choose.
  • Ireblind Imps should continue to be available until the Enraged Imp has been spawned and killed.

Sleeper’s Tomb Unearthed [Raid]

  • Amalgamon – Adds now have the correct HP buff package (adds had incorrectly been assigned low max health). Arcane Disintegration (from Alagum of Air) now does proper amount of extra damage to fighters. Amalgums will begin pulsing Shockwave if they are present in the zone longer than 42 secs (timer incorrectly set to 90 secs before). Amalgamon accelerates his abilities at 125 sec rather than 150 sec intervals.


  • Set Sail for Slaver’s Isle – The rowboat to Slavers’ Isle has returned to Freeport harbor.

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Comments (3)

  • Kaufman


    When are they going to fix the Vanishing Act quest where you click the equipment and then the imp spawns but he won’t aggro to kill. Also, first named in CD in SS is perma-broken and the zone can’t be completed.


  • Anaogi


    He aggroed to kill for me…then turned into a non-attackable mob that continued to pound on my merc. Hard foul.


  • Fumao


    Also, first named in CD in SS is perma-broken and the zone can’t be completed.

    Working as intended!


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