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Headed to Podcasting panel soon. Dellmon of the awesome EQ2Talk podcast on the panel. Will record a video. Already 7 hours (30GB) of vids, including our EQ2U panel, to crunch down and post.

Panel starting now. Dev intros.

Back by popular demand — CONTENT

* New overland zones
* New Dungeons
* New Raids
* Signature line more accessible
* New type of adornments
* More Prestige abilities
* Level cap to 95

Dungeons rule. We don’t want to take away the encouragement of a group. But we want you to be able to take the time to read the quest dialogue (for those who want to) and see the story as you are going through. Signature Quest is soloable.

[Ethernere slide]

Eidolon Jungle overland zone.

* New lizardman model
* Oggok in the afterlife — Tower of Zek
* Ethenere – existing zones have grown in height in some places. Not just a carbon copy of Loping Plains and Feerrott.
* Shard of Fear type of mobs bleeding out into overland zones.

Obol Plains

[Lotsa art slides]

* Ethernere is an afterlife
* Not the land of the undead
no skeleton,s undead

* Temple of the Faceless
* Chelsith: The ancient vault
* Wurmbone Crag
* Sleeper’s Tomb (pt 2)
* The Dreadcutter
* Harrow’s End (Drinal’s Citadel)

Slides of these dungeons.

Wurmbone Crag is an instanced outdoor.

New Chelsith is massive.

Sleeper’s Tomb new area

The Dreadcutter is a dungeon that takes place on a ship at sea.

Slides of Harrow’s End

Expansion Mechanics
* Spirit Stones – New Adornments – several dozen
* Prestige Abilities added for 93-95 (over 300 new abilities across the classes)
* Tradeskill Prestige Abilities (don’t take from Adventure AA pool)

Adornment Removers

Spirit Stones

New Prestige Abilities

The Future?

* Final Chapter of Velious
* More great stories and content
* Wrapping up Age’s End
* And this….


He is a threat. We need to deal with him.

Q&A starts — Not going to try to grab every question/answer but the clear cut answers. Everything else will be in the video.

New Chelsith is completely different zone art and architecture. It’s not a reskin.

For coming to Fan Faire – Vampire Shadowknight you can pick up in Freeport and Qeynos

Q: How many Raid Zones? Can we have more x2?
A: We tried to get an x2 raid zone in. We have plans to rectify this.
A: 3 raid zones. Sleeper’s Tomb pt 2, Cazic Thule, Drinal – dynamic raid zone
A: All 3 raid zones have content for every level of raider.
A: 3 new Avatars.

Q: How does Group XP work now? Veteran bonus?
A: You’re going to have to level your characters to 95 to get vet bonus. Then it will stack.

We aren’t touching the existing Chelsith btw.

Q: Can you make it so we can tell what green adornments will do when they are fully powered up?
A: Yes. We’re going to show that like how we show set bonuses.

If you haven’t done the prelude quest with Firona Vie, that quest is actually going to be stick around and be the starter for the Signature.

We’re not adding Faction Merchants with a new faction. We’ve got story not faction.

The new tier of white adornments all usable at level 91 instead of the x3, x5, x8, x0, etc. increments.

Every heroic (Group) zone will have an Advanced Solo mode. Solo, Duo, Solo+Merc.

You don’t need more than 280 AAs to level beyond 92.

(if you didn’t catch it in the other panel, Prestige Abilities are the future moreso than AAs)

New raid zones – no access quest. 95 recommended not required.

New overland zones will have spires and druid rings.

(my question) If you fail a Tradeskill Raid Apprentice item and something goes wrong (power blinks, client crashes) you lose 1200-1800plat of materials. Can this be fixed?
Holly: CS is good about resolving that if it happens.

Q: Can something be done about the length of fights in Sleeper’s Tomb?

Q: Why level cap of 95 not 100?
(joking answer) We don’t have enough people!
A: Room for growth.
A: We don’t want to make all of the content we’ve released recently irrelevant.
A: In the past, having a 10 level cap raise, those middle levels don’t really seem to matter. Adding a couple of levels accomplishes the same purpose.

Chains of Eternity beta starts Monday.

Q: The red text messages at the top are on a delay. Can we see curses and important red text appear immediately?
A: We don’t want to use the red text as something you depend on. We might be able to make an adjustment.

Q: The music used to be so epic but it seems to have gone downhill.
(Asking the audience) Is that something you guys really feel?
(talking about some people have it turned off)
(talking about all the music that’s been added in Freeport, Qeynos, the new zones in the expac, etc. If you have a specific track that you don’t like, contact us)

Question about being stunned, knocked back, and not being able to cure.

Question on Status reduction items for guild halls?
One of the things you can get with your guild level 95 is status reduction.

Q: Can we reduce dependence on ACT, Guild Connect, RaidHub?
A: We don’t have any current plans to incorporate a parser, guild connect, or anything like that.

Q: Defilers and Mystics can we get a res when dead spell?
A: No. 😉

Question about moving certain message windows which aren’t shown even with F10 like red text.

Q: Could we get a sound for red text?
(we can look into it)

END OF PANEL — thanks all

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  • Ssue


    Thank you for your time and effort Feldon, I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts!


  • Grumble69


    2:00 EDT


  • Cloudrat


    2 per account I see as a penalty to the person who bought a bunch of slots and plays lots of alt.

    2 per account misses the opportunity to sell lots more exp and vitality potions to powerlevelers and people who won’t be level locking anymore to get aa before going to 90 and end game content, which seems to be what the game is selling.

    2 per account perplexes the people with a stable of crafters who would level them.

    where does the number 2 come from, someone’s hat?


  • Gaealiege


    Perhaps you should be happy with two easymode AA items. You didn’t deserve even one, yet you’ve been graced with two. Sounds like a situation in which casuals should rejoice, not be upset.


  • Whilhelmina


    I would love if they finally stopped overusing the scroll on mousewheel and make ginormous and empty zones.


  • Catbriar


    Was anything else revealed about the werewolf merc?


  • Katttara


    Feldon, is it possible for you to ask them if they will show us more screenshots of CE/pre-order exclusive items? I am so far not sold on CE, unless I can see shots of things like the cloak, tapestry, merc, etc. And I will *not* buy it until I see (if). Otherwise, I am just getting the regular. It seems in their best interest to sell more/make more money, to show more images. Could you possibly ask?

    Thanks so much,
    Kat of FP :@


  • junglewind


    new merc is gonna be pally or healer u choose which one u want


  • badcat


    I wish somebody would ask them about the xp for level 91-95. Right now leveling from 90-92 feals like 10 levels and the quests don’t give out much xp, the only real way to level is get an ss group.


  • Pheep


    Junglewind, is that from the devs? So the merc is either fighter or healer…what type of healer? Or did they say?


  • jugnlewind


    they didnt specify which healer 😛


  • Catbriar


    On the forums, someone named Brigh posted a link to the panel on COE. Holly says before the Q & A that the merc is a paladin or a “healer type.” You select one or the other, which you want to claim. She also said he’s a “lusion”…which I’ve no idea how to spell, but at 14:40 in the vid you can see an example of the mob. It’s sort of a sinister gnoll, quite adorable. 🙂


    Thanks for the info others put forward!


  • Gash


    Is it an open Beta on that new Beta server like Sleeper’s Tomb was?
    Or is it the normal invite-only Beta like all other expansions?


  • Abatha


    Sony said when they released AoD that leveling from 90 – 92 would be like the old hell levels. I personally prefer the slower leveling, it allows me to enjoy more of the zone without the content becoming repetitive and stale.

    Thank you for all the work you do and all the information you bring us.


  • Lokim


    If I’m reading that right… there is currently no x2 zone in the release? That would be a huge disappointment.


  • Kwill


    My take on the X2: We tried, we didn’t get it done, it’s on the to-do list …

    Let’s hope they get it finished before launch, but doesn’t sound likely. That’s really too bad, because that is something many smaller guilds would really like to have.


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