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Just starting the EQ2 Art & Animation panel.


Dave “covic” Brown, Tom Tobey, Aaron “Gnobrin” Bisnett, Chris Myers

Lotsa slides.

This is a visual panel, so not going to be a lot of updates.

How we create a 3D environment

Showing a flythrough of a new outdoor 3D dungeon that’s being worked on.

The expac will have 9 individual dungeons (not repurposed)

We scrap stuff all the time. Sometimes we make things that don’t fit with the lore or just don’t fit the game. We go back to concept.

Step by Step showing creating a monster.

We got really far into creating a monster and it turned out it looked too much like Aliens, so we went back and made a ton of changes to the model.

6 people to make 1 monster spread over 3-4 weeks.

Showing animation.

Full screen preview of mobs walking around.

Showing the “treant” model and how the animations were approved and rolled out to all existing treant mobs.

Time invested in designing monsters depends on whether it’s a named, a trash mob, etc.

New armor models. Trickling energy effect on the new armor set.


Steampunk tinkered armor set.

Showing the fan faire Vampire Merc.

New lizard animation.

Concept for a Storm Elemental for new Conjy pet. No, we are NOT giving our conjurors another recolored cat. Totally new model for conjy pet at level 93+.

New Necromancer pet — swarming death. Some ideas from the EQOA Necromancer pet style. Mass of skeletal bones.

Animation of new Walrus humanoid enemy.


Wyvern mount turned into an NPC.

Concept of 6-legged lizard creature. Affected by Cazic-Thule.

Showing Animation. Dude has a massive chained mace weapon.

Design starts with Silhouettes.

Video of nether energy creature.

Animations and Concept of Drinal. Huge scythe.

Showing flythrough video of twisted Loping Plains with new mobs and portals to the Ethermere.

Now twisted Feerrott.

New ship scene (zone?) with huge flowing sails.

Dungeon flythroughs.

Fun with Animation

* Captain america recolored flying gryphon. (no it’s not coming to the game)

* Dwarf somersault jump. Not sure if it will make it in.

Creating an Epic Experience

* Video of new lizardman boss mob stomping on his worshippers.


(Watch the video to be posted soon for the Q&A)

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Comments (6)

  • Chem


    ” The expac will have 9 individual dungeons (not repurposed)”

    So just to clarify that means they are not including different instances of the same dungeon as part of the “9 new dungeons” and they won’t be repainted dungeons from older content?


  • Robert


    Thank you for your in depth coverage of SOE live. It’s very much appreciated.


  • Whilhelmina


    Thanks for your work Feldon.
    I’m confused about one bit: yo uspeak about approving a treant model, do they plan on changing all treants around like they did with chokidais or was it only for the new zones (if you know the answer of course)?


  • Antonia Bayle's bit on the side


    Yeah, great job on the coverage as always Feldon. Not only do you manage to cover it all in detail, you are doing it as it happens, I don’t know how you manage! I say the EQ2 community at large definitely owes you a stein of Norrathian Brew or three for all you do for us.


  • Feldon


    It’s not an appearance change to treants. Just a better animation. The treant walks instead of sliding its butt.


  • Cristamir


    Thank Feldon for keeping us updated. It’s really appreciated.

    And dear god, that armor is ugly.


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