EQ2Traders & Zam Preview Nights of the Dead 2012

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It’s October which must mean it’s time for the annual Nights of the Dead celebration to return to Norrath. In addition to many past events, this year’s adventures include a totally new task — Ghost Hunting in Antonica and the Commonlands.

Niami Denmother of EQ2Traders has turned out one of her operatic previews complete with copious photographic evidence of the new wares available during this season.

Read “Diary of a Reformed Sugar Addict” at EQ2Traders >>

Meanwhile, Cyliena and Calthine over at EQ2 ZAM has put in some serious hours testing and documenting this year’s Nights of the Dead festivities, including detailed quest writeups.

Read Nights of the Dead (EQ2 Live Event) at EQ2 ZAM >>

Nights of the Dead starts tomorrow, October 11, 2012.


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  • Charn


    Wait, didn’t they have Trick-or-Treating last year in the revamped Freeport? Or am I mistaken? If they DID . . . and they CAN have it in a revamped city, why remove it now? If it wasn’t in Freeport last year . . . well, it still sucks. I liked those masks. Is there any way to get them on newer alts or alts characters I haven’t done it with previously?


  • Cyliena


    Freeport didn’t get revamped until December 2011, so only Frostfell on was in the revamped FP. I, for one, am not sad to see Trick-or-Treating go away… that was 10 minute wastes of my time.

    NotD was all Calthine on our site this year, btw. 🙂 She did a great job and check out her video of the new Ghost Hunter race, the music is terrific with it.


  • Loch



    It looks like the new ghost hunting races reward those masks now…in fact, all of the rewards from the old trick or treat look like they’re there.


  • badcat


    I just did not like the reward for nights of the dead devotee this year, the pumkim pet was so meh all it does when you talk to it is say “…”. I would have much prefered another candy dish to stick in my house.


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