Update Notes: Tuesday, October 9, 2012

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From the EQ2 Forums:


  • Hoop of Draconic Fervor – fixed an issue with the heal/ward increase portion of this proc not applying.
  • Vallon’s Chestplate of Cold Determination now has Wisdom additionally to its other stats.
  • Sullon’s Rage Imbued Greaves of Slaughter are now chain armor. Classes that can use them remain the same.

The following effects on items from Sleeper’s Tomb, Avatar items and Ethereal drops no longer proc in PvP.

  • Boon of Battle no longer procs in PvP.
  • Skilled Interval no longer procs in PvP.
  • Visage of Dominion no longer procs in PvP.
  • Evasion of a Dauntless Champion no longer procs in PvP.
  • Concentrated Convergence no longer procs in PvP.
  • Hound’s Armament no longer procs in PvP.
  • Indomitable Bite of the Hounds no longer procs in PvP.
  • Indomitable Claws of the Hounds no longer procs in PvP.


  • Darklight Wood now properly updates for the achievement Discovering Druid Rings: Shattered Lands.
  • Sleeper’s Tomb: Temporal Leap: The Shorthanded achievement for killing Paldar should now be correctly awarded.


  • Fixed an issue preventing you from owning both a Kromzek and Felwithe house in Qeynos.

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Comments (2)

  • Snowdarc


    Welcome back Feldon!


  • 7grt


    Kromzek? I thought that house was a raid drop so random hardly anyone got one. At that, it was pulled from the game altogether a few weeks back. If that’s correct, why, of all bugs, did this even make the to-do list? Rhetorical and futile, I know, but, still…

    (I _did_ see last weekend a solicitation on the forums for a decorator for a Kromzek house. Was surprised anyone actually owned one.)


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