SOE Live Schedule Posted, Including EQ2U Data Panel!!

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The second revised of the SOE Live Schedule has been posted. We’re still looking forward to the remainder of the Player Panels (marked as PP) to be added in, but if you are wanting to start planning out your days, here’s a good starting point.

  • Thursday @ 7:00pm — SOE Live 2012 KickOff Reception and Keynote Address!

  • Friday @ 10:00am — SOE Player Studio – Bringing Your Dreams to Life!

Now YOU can submit designs for cool items in EQ and EQII and make money from it! Learn how the SOE Player Studio works, what it takes and see some samples created by players just like you.

  • Friday @ 11:00am — EQII: Chains of Eternity – The Expansion and Beyond

Get a sneak peek and hear from EQII developers about the new expansion, including level increases for adventuring, tradeskilling, and Guilds, story, content overview, spells, abilities, new adornment types and tradeskill Prestige abilities.

  • Friday @ 2:00pm — Making Data Sexah – Building Fan and Player Sites with SOE Data Feed

How SOE data feeds (Census) were used to build sites such as EQ2U, EQ2 Players and the upcoming PlanetSide 2 Players. Hear about upcoming features from EQ2U as well as how the site was assembled, directly from the people who built it!

Dethdlr and Feldon from EQ2U will be present, along with Clif Bate (Director, Commerce Services & Web Presence) and Morgan Bonar (Lead Web Developer and Web Producer, PlanetSide 2)

  • Friday @ 3:00pm — EQII: Mechanics of Prestige Abilities, Spells, PvP, Tradeskills & More

Get the inside scoop on new subclass and tradeskill Prestige Abilities coming in the Chains of Eternity expansion. Designers will give an overview on the new content and open it up for questions!

  • Friday @ 3:00pm — Our European Connection: ProSiebenSat.1

Hosted by the ProSiebenSat.1 Community Team

  • Friday @ 4:00pm — EQII: The Expansion and Beyond

Join the EQII Designers for a high level overview of content changes coming to Norrath, including the expansion and general updates.

  • Friday @ 5:00pm — Getting Cozy with Coders I

An informal, organic discussion with EQII coders for the code geeks out there! (in the same vein as the Geek Panel last year)

  • Friday @ 6:30pm — SOE Keynote Part 2 – check back for details!
  • Friday @ 8:00pm — 3rd Annual Bally’s Pool Party!!!

  • Saturday @ 10:00am — PP: Taking it LIVE! Podcasting/Webcasting
  • Saturday @ 11:00am — EQII: The Art of Monsters & Fantasy Landscapes

Dave Brown and Tom Tobey continue their tradition of presenting the creatures of EverQuest 2. Upcoming Never before creatures and armor will be shown and discussed over an hour of AWESOME!

  • Saturday @ 2:00pm — EQ/EQII: The Business of the EverQuest Franchise

An honest and open discussion with the Director of the EQ franchise and the Producers of both EQ and EQII. We’ll present how we run our business, where the money goes, and how we expect F2P entertainment to change over the coming year.

  • Saturday @ 3:00pm — EQII: Anything Goes!

Join us for one big panel where you can bring all of your wild and crazy questions to the EQII Dev Team!

  • Saturday @ 5:00pm — Getting Cozy with Coders II
  • Saturday @ 6:30-7:30pm — Pre-judging for the Costume Contest
  • Saturday @ 6:30pm — Keynote Address Part 3 – check back for details!
  • Saturday @ 8:00pm — Grand Finale Banquet

  • Sunday @ 10:00am — Brunch with the Dev Teams

New this year! Finish off the weekend with Brunch with your favorite members of the dev team! Space is limited, so upgrade your All-Access pass ASAP!

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