Game Update 63: Fix for Disappearing Recipes

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First reported in July 2011 and again in November 2011, tradeskillers have been reporting the disappearance of recipes from their recipe books, making crafting of those items impossible. Players had found various workarounds to get the recipes to (sometimes) appear, but there was no easy fix. Petitioners were informed that even if a GM made the recipe visible again, it would eventually disappear due to the same bug. The issue was raised again in January of this year, and then last week, Omougi, EQ2’s tradeskill developer, indicated that the issue was being looked into.

And here’s the latest update from Omougi:

Thanks for the information everyone!

Our awesome programmer Maevianiu tracked down the issue and he’s getting it hotfixed in for GU63.  It was only a display bug (yay!) so any missing recipes should automatically reappear in your recipe books after GU63.


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  • [email protected]


    About d… time!! But it’s a great news. Even if 9 months is a little bit too much to find and correct a display bug, if you ask me.


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