EverQuest2.com Relaunches New Website — EQ2Players Character Data Next Week

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EverQuest2.com has unveiled their new combined EQ2 Free-to-Play website. The EQ2Players side which allows players to lookup Characters, Items, and Guilds won’t relaunch until next week.

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  • chunk


    New Site looks pretty good so far with the exception of priests being labeled as healers across the top of the new class section.


  • Tessil


    Got an email today that my paid Station Pass account had been “upgraded to Silver Membership with access to game content through the Sentinel’s Fate expansion.” No Sony, that’s a *downgrade*, I’m a top-tier paying customer, why are you confusing me with all this nonsense?

    But hey, I can check to see if they really downgraded my account? No, because trying to access my Subscription Info: “We have encountered a system error while processing your request.” Morover, the site is riddled with certificate errors. I don’t care for the pixelated font they’ve chosen either, but that’s just nit-picking.

    LanchPad 4 is a bug-riddled pile of garbage. Doesn’t even work with the SOE Authenticators correctly.

    But don’t worry, the game’s now Free to Play. Free is more than the game and the customer support is worth. =/


  • Narsikus


    Does anyone know if eq2players will include the freeport server next week when it launches?


  • Dilbert


    of course. Freeport is a server as much as all the others now.


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