EQ2Wire Photos From Fan Faire 2011

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Photos and Videos from SOE’s Fan Faire 2011 event in Las Vegas are making their way online on sites around the web. After the jump, you’ll get to browse our photos, but first a few links to other sites that have also posted theirs.

  • SOE posted Fan Faire Setup photos from July 7th, 2011.  Great if you want to check out some in-progress costumes.
  • Undoubtedly more photos will be posted at SOE’s Fan Faire Facebook page soon (and once they’re set right, don’t require a Facebook account to view!).

And now our photos from Fan Faire 2011. These exclude panel-specific photos and any slides, which will be back-added to the initial writeups.

And Now, A Word With The Community Relations Team Panel

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  • Karith


    How can you just not love Linda(Brasse)? Shes so full of energy and at the same time she is totally down to earth and will tell you exactly how it is.

    Love these photos.


  • Steve


    Yeah, met Brasse at Dragon Con a couple of years ago. She was immediately personable and friendly and genuine.

    Really nice lady.


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