GU60: Harvesting Tool Changes

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Continuing last week’s news that Harvesting is being changed to have a faster speed, Frizznik has posted a new thread with a summary of the changes coming to Harvesting Tools:

The other thread was getting long, so I wanted to create a new one so folks could easily find the changes to them, and to let you know some new developments.

Woodworker made tools are changing.  There are no longer seperate tools for each harvesting type.  There is now one tool at each tier that gives harvest time reduction and double harvest chance.

  • 20: Ash Harvesting Kit: 2% Double Harvest, .1 second reduction in all harvesting times.
  • 30: Briarwood Harvesting Kit: 4% Double Harvest, .2 second reduction in all harvesting times.
  • 40: Teak Harvesting Kit: 6% Double Harvest, .3 second reduction in all harvesting times.
  • 50: Sandalwood Harvesting Kit: 8% Double Harvest, .4 second reduction in all harvesting times.
  • 70: Redwood Harvesting Kit: 10% Double Harvest, .5 second reduction in all harvesting times.
  • 80: Compact Redwood Harvesting Kit: 13% Double Harvest, .5 second reduction in all harvesting times.

If you have any of these tools, when you log on after this goes live, those tools will auto convert into the new Harvesting Kit.  Woodworkers now only have one recipe to make the Kits rather than skill specific tools.  The only writ to make tools was in the 70-79 range and I changed it to only ask for Kits rather than single tools.

This makes these tools more convenient to carry around.  Also because of this change it was possible to modify them so that they now stack with the Tinker made tools which give skill and harvesting time reduction.

In other harvest related news:

  • Harvest nodes in Nektulos will respawn faster.
  • Harvesting in Rivervale has been completely revamped.  Nodes now appear in certain areas (instead of on top of houses ).  For example, gardens spawn on green grass or in the fields, stones appear near man-made structures, and dens appear near wolves or other den creating creatures.  This zone should be much more harvestable for those who do not have any adventuring experience.


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Comments (3)

  • Lathain


    0.5 sec is still ridiculous.


  • Claviarm


    Base harvesting is 0.33 harvests per second. With the woodworker tool cutting harvest time by 0.5s and adding 13% double harvest, you end up at 0.45 harvests per second, which is about 35% better than without the tool. Sounds worth using to me.

    I like these changes in general, because the racial harvesting bonuses will matter again, rather than being irrelevant due to everyone hitting the old cap of 2.5s with tools alone.


  • Claviarm


    Never mind, Frizznik is leaving it so that generic cast speed bonus affects harvesting. Everyone will be at the new cap of 1.5s regardless of race. Pff.


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