Destiny of Velious Webcast – Friday January 28 @ 4PM PST

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Join members of the EQII Development Team as we talk about Destiny of Velious in a series of Live Webcasts! Learn more about the upcoming features and get the scoop straight from the people who work on EQII every day.

  • Friday, January 28 at 4:00 pm PST [29 Jan at Midnight GMT]: Join Dave “Smokejumper” Georgeson and Salim “Silius” Grant as they talk about Destiny of Velious zones, raids and more. They will be answering some questions from players as well, so submit your questions right here in this thread.
  • Friday, February 4 at 4:00 pm PST [5 Feb at Midnight GMT]: Topic TBA
  • Friday, February 11 at 4:00 pm PST [12 Feb at Midnight GMT]: Topic TBA
  • Friday, February 18 at 4:00 pm PST [19 Feb at Midnight GMT]: Topic TBA

Upcoming topics will be announced soon. Tune in on Facebook or on Stickam to watch the first webcast this Friday!

What to Expect (Commentary)

We have been present during past webcasts of this nature, and we can recall numerous delays, glitches, and technical faults. If you are expecting a smooth, well-rehearsed presentation, you may be disappointed. Of course we may be pleasantly surprised, but how many times can Lucy fool us with the football trick? Either way, we’ll be recording and reviewing these broadcasts for any interesting details.


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Comments (4)

  • Grimmond


    A question for Smokejumper “While we were originally told that no staff would be taken away from content work, it sounds like staff has been taken away from content work in favor of both Station Cash projects and EQ2X work. Has this cost time, features, and content for the coming expansion ? We have also heard of layoffs in the project team … but had been told SC funds would allow the addition of new staff to shore up the project team. So has SC not filled the void and have there been layoffs on the team ? How is this affecting the delivery date and content ?


  • Blockhead


    Grimmond don’t forget all the time they have obviously devoted to mobile toys and not velious. You just know the mobile apps are going to allow you to buy Station Cash stuff. It’s coming, no doubt its the “behind the scenes” reason.


  • Grimmond


    Isn’t it odd thhat the “things”, the “stuff”, the SC items are being pointed at and talked about but that the features of the new expansion, the parts of this great endeavor that the design team and the marketing division should be most proud of and just chomping at the bit to crow about … they are the most silent ?

    Someone at Flames noted that Marketing should be working dilegently at bring in new subs, but I say that the very basic reason for existing is to sell itself and its major product; the game, and at this late date, certainly the expansion. With an expansion looming they should be full bore on selling it and creating hype. The easiest sell being to the existing users. I get email trying to sell me for siding, cars, junk from Amazon, books, viagra, financial investment services … but not a one from Sony … it just strikes me odd that they have yet to ask if I am going to buy the newest product … and I should be an easy sell.


  • Bhagpuss


    Can we have full details of how flying mounts will be made available, please?

    What levels do they come in at? Since they are supposedly useable in all expansions (although not in all areas), does this mean that there will be flying mounts avaiable at level 20, 30, 40, etc? Or are they only available to characters able to complete content in Velious itself, thereby limiting them to characters at or near the level cap?

    If the latter, are they level restricted for use? If not, are there any Heirloom mounts?

    How are they obtained? Quested? Dropped? Bought with faction? Are they available from a variety of playstyles? Raid? Heroic Group? Small Group? Solo?

    Are there SC Store flying mounts?

    Personally, I’d rather stay on the ground, but if we’re going to have the things I’d like to know the full details.


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