Happy New Year From Dethdlr!

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Dethdlr's Dungeon

I’ve been helping Feldon out here at EQ2Wire for about eight months now.  My first post was on April 4th 2010 so I haven’t quite been here a full year.  In that time I’ve sifted through over seven thousand items to bring you almost 100 articles here on EQ2Wire.  Hopefully you’ve found at least a few of them useful.  

I look forward to continuing my work in 2011 and bringing you all the latest highlights of what’s going on in the world of EQ2.

Happy New Year Everybody!

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  • Catbriar


    Thank you for all your contributions, Dethdlr! I hope that 2011 is a wonderful year for you and Feldon and readers of EQ2wire. While I hadn’t noticed the varying bylines, EQ2wire is a place I check almost daily for breaking news and the best info, so I know your additional articles have most certainly been avidly read and enjoyed. ^.^


  • Murfalad


    Thanks for all the work over the past year, and I hope next year brings some good stuff.

    EQ2Wire is one of the few MMO sites I find worth reading, especially so when its dedicated to EQ2.


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