July 7th Hotfix Notes

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Oh hey, we had a hotfix! The July 7, 2010 Update Notes include several fixes to raid targets and live events. After the jump…


  • Gantrik Hammerstein is once more available to provide the Far Seas Trading Company with city festival supplies in the Isle of Mara.


  • Learning the Path should now update correctly when completing a PvP Writ.


  • Energized Taehric Construct (Challenge Mode) : Players now have more time to kill the animated taehric energies before they are absorbed by the construct.


  • The roekillik sisters “Tiriini and Shirinu” should now only summon one protector per summoning spell if not slain before spell finishes. One sister summoning two protectors should no longer occur.


  • Respawn points within the zone have been reworked. Players should now be able to revive a bit closer to where having died.
  • Normal Mode Vrewwx should more reliably cast his Ice Dragon Freeze spell on those who it should be cast on. Be aware, this means more players will likely get frozen! You might not want to be standing toe to toe with him when he casts this spell!
  • Normal Mode Vrewwx should no longer knock players who are frozen up in the air.
  • The Flythrough for either mode of Vrewwx should only play the first time players speak with Vrewwx.
  • Players who have completed the quest “Knocked Out Cold” should now be able to open the main keep door regardless if they have killed the previous named to unlock the door. This also applies to a new instance.

Undocumented Changes

There’s usually an undocumented change or two in these fixes as well, and this week is no exception. In this case, Domino spelled out the details:

Apologies this detail was not called out in the update notes, it was an oversight. The change was made because the introduction of the new travel system had allowed the tokens to be accumulated at a rather higher rate than before, which some folks had discovered and were taking advantage of to extreme. This is why Gantrin Hammerstein took a brief departure from the Gorowyn city festival, and why the quest involving him now rewards only one token. I do apologise that this also has to affect the folks who were not taking advantage of the change, but alas, that is the way of a shared world.

If I might offer a personal suggestion however, if your goal is to make money, you could make a lot more of it by using those tokens to buy the more desirable city merchant items each month, then reselling them after the city festival ends. I have seen some of the items going for truly remarkable prices (white tiles, anyone?) and I suspect that almost any of them at all will net you more on the broker than 2.5g per token without any problem. I believe many fan sites have screenshots and names of the items from each city, if you need to reference the names to check your local broker.

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