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We’ve got a rollup post of news from the weekend on a few different topics.

UK-US Battlegrounds might be finally getting the necessary kick in the butt to start working tomorrow. There might be a solution in the pipeline for players on distant servers unable to acquire Smuggler’s Den Tokens. Tinkerfest is coming to Test with new quests and rewards. And finally, a new Class Mechanics forum has mysteriously appeared on the EQ2 Forums.


Thursday’s updates and server reboots did not get those UK-US Battlegrounds up and running as Rothgar had hoped.

We discovered a bug that’s going to require a hotfix to repair. We should be able to have this fixed next Tuesday (tomorrow).

Meanwhile, timetravelling answered some pointed questions about tokens and gear in Battlegrounds:

We are aware of the issues with obtaining Smuggler’s Rum [Smuggler’s Den PvP tokens for Battlegrounds gear] for some players and would like to work out a solution. No ETA, but it is on our radar. We would like for everyone to be able to obtain every piece of gear, but at the same time do not want to push people away from a very fun BG that is just (unfortunately) hard to queue for.

[Class Balance] is ongoing, and, imo, going well. Beyond abilities that are bugged, we prefer not to adjust classes between updates. Any balance changes would likely come with GU57.

We do not currently plan to release a new [Battlegrounds] armor set with GU57. New gear, yes, just not [Battlegrounds] armor in particular.

There are no plans to allow [trade ins of gear].


Domino has posted an update in the In-Testing Forum:

Get your cogs and sprockets ready, Tinkerfest 2010 is coming to Test server soon … does that make it Tinkertest?

Most likely the event will be activated on Tuesday night (15th June) when I log in after work, and it will remain active for about a week for testing.The recipes, quests, and other details for this year are already created, but I hope you’ll find that what is there is fun!

Class Balance

This morning, a new forum mysteriously appeared on the EQ2 Forums:

Spells, Abilities, and General Class Discussion
This is a forum to discuss spell, ability, and general class mechanics.

We are very curious if this means we can expect communication to improve regarding game mechanics and class balance. We’ll keep you apprised.

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  • Zizzu


    The Class Balancing part of the forums is incorrect. Kiara has already started to moved threads to specific class locations. So, I suggest making another post here stating the General Class Discussion is not about class balancing.


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