Fan Faire 2010 Registration Now Open

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Registration has opened for the annual Fan Faire 2010 event hosted by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE).  Fan Faire is returning to Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino August 5th ~ 8th, 2010.

Official schedule information for the event is not yet available, but we have been advised that, barring any unforeseen changes, the schedule will be similar to that of past years. I’ve written an outline of what to expect based on previous Fan Faire events. This may be helpful for choosing flights and accommodations.

Fan Faire has added another Pricing tier. In addition to the Silver Pass ($89) and Gold Pass ($109), a new  Platinum Pass ($139) has been introduced. The Frequently Asked Questions page on the main Fan Faire site spells out what is included in these different access tiers. SOE are also making no secret of the fact that all Silver, Gold, and Platinum pass members will receive a free copy of the next EverQuest II expansion.

EverQuest II (Silver/Gold Pass) In-Game Item #1:

Shroud of the Faithful – Woven to match the steed’s trim, this cloak is made in the style worn by Firiona Vie herself when on horseback!

EverQuest II (Platinum Pass) In-Game Item #2:

Skyblade Skiff – Built to support the explorers within the Moors of Ykesha, the skiff now provides a (mostly) stable way to live above the clouds of Norrath

Let’s think about that second one for a minute… “live above the clouds“. That sounds like more than a mount to me. Could they be adding floating housing to the Moors of Ykesha? I think that’s the most ambitious in-game item I’ve heard for just Fan Faire attendees. It sure beats an ale-stained cloak. As soon as we wheedle any more information about this item, including screen shots, we’ll hook you up. 🙂


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  • jeremy j


    any of various types of boats small enough for sailing or rowing by one person.


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