Battlegrounds Hub?

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When you complete a Battlegrounds match, your character is whisked away back to your home server. Some players have been curious if a Battlegrounds Hub had been considered. This would be a lobby area where players can stay put on the Battlegrounds server and immediately jump into another battle if they wish. The issues here are that Battlegrounds servers have many many features turned off including global and guild chat. Adding a Battlegrounds lobby would require additional coding work. From Rothgar on the EQ2 Forums:

We talked about this idea early on in battlegrounds development but our thoughts were that you’d want to stay connected with your existing guild and friends as much as possible. Due to the communication restrictions between the worlds, if the Battlegrounds world were more of a destination, people would seem even more cutoff from the rest of the game.

However, I’m encouraged by the fact that all of these responses seem positive to the idea and not any negative reactions. But for this to work, we would have to solve many of the communications issues and do a lot more cleanup on the BG world.

We are working on ways to improve the zoning times when you move between the worlds so hopefully that will make zoning faster. We also have plans to try to open up guild chat and some other forms of communication between the worlds but there isn’t an ETA on that yet.

Thanks again for the feedback and ideas.


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