Battlegrounds Character Recovery Progress

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From Rothgar on  EQ2 Forums:

Customer Service has made these petitions their highest priority and they are restoring players as fast as they can. In the meantime, Battlegrounds is working fine now. It only took a few minutes this morning to bring them down after the problem, fix the configs and bring them back up.

CS is also manually restoring your XP and AA’s rather than doing a rollback of your character. So you should be safe to continue playing while you wait for them to answer your petition.


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Comments (4)

  • Caol


    Good to know. Its a real pity I need to come to a fan site (even one as great as this) to find out this information. SOE fail AGAIN!!!


  • mic


    why is battlegrounds on lockdown?


  • Alvaro


    Battlegrounds is not fine yet. I lost AA (got reset too 200) as late as today (27 feb).


  • Alan


    what a farce but then given the minimal time given to BG can we expect anything else?


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