Battlegrounds Delayed to Feb 23rd

Written by Feldon on . Posted in Game Updates & Maintenance, PvP/BG/Proving Grounds

We have received word that Battlegrounds have been delayed until February 23rd.


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  • Alan


    I musta admit i was under the impreession this feature was going live today great comunication SOE again.


  • Dunce


    Well with only 6 days of testing what did you think was going to happen


  • Caol


    Lets summarise this disastrous launch…

    1. Loads of quests and new areas to explore.
    2. Great appearance gear ect.
    3. PvP BROKEN
    4. Marketing – none existant
    5. Sales – shambles
    6. New starting zone – fail
    7. Battlegrounds – fail.

    So, out of 7 important things this expansion was supposed to bring 5 are fail. Hmmm great work SOE!!!


  • Gareth


    Personally while I’m a fan of Battleground PVP (if its a casual thing you can just jump into) I think they should have take the decision to delay this to get Halas into GU55 and released the BG’s in GU56.

    My reasoning is that experienced players are mostly all PVE ones, so with 2 whole new zones to explore, 12 new dungeons to run and new raids to enter into. Having all of that compete with BG’s doesn’t give BG’s the sort of fair start they deserve, instead releasing them in GU56 would be perfect to give the players who had cleared everything something new to do.

    Still, it does seem that BG’s between now and GU56 are experimental still, for that reason I hope they hold back some attractive rewards to get players really enticed for them come GU56 and a proper launch of the first season.


  • Tutamun


    ~4. Marketing – none existant
    I guess the problem was that SOE marketing was existent…
    Not having any retail boxes in stores and only allowing purchase on the 16th through the SOE Station Store would have been 100 times better than what we have now.

    I only hope that they reach some new customers with the boxes in the stores in the US. Otherwise marketing was a complete fail.

    At least I got my key yesterday per e-mail… but only after chatting with customer support from the store ( I would have liked to get the collectors edition box… but shipping costs are way to high. So I went for the cheapest normal edition key I could find.


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