ZAM Chat @ EQ2Wire Java Chat
Welcome to the ZAM Chat IRC gateway. This is just a page we setup here at EQ2Wire that gets you right into the EQ2 ZAM Chat without having to download and install any software. This Java applet will connect you to the EQ2 chat through the ZAM IRC Network.
Please enter your desired Nickname for the chat:


Allakhazam and Sony Online Entertainment are not responsible for the contents of this chat, this java applet, or this website. This is NOT an official Java Applet. We at EQ2Wire simply hooked up pjIRC (a free Java Applet) to point to their chatroom. If you have never installed Java, it's easy. If you wish to learn more about Allakhazam (ZAM) or want to connect to their chatroom with an IRC client such as mIRC, check out Allakhazam's IRC Chat Website.