History of EverQuest II – 10th Anniversary Documentary, Part 2

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By even the most conservative estimate, EverQuest II has been a success for Sony Online Entertainment. How many MMORPGs are still running a decade later?  SOE does not publish revenue breakdowns by game, but in the last decade, the EverQuest franchise must have raised some serious bread for SOE. The first two games funded a lengthy gestational development of EverQuest Next/Landmark, the smoothly launched Planetside 2, steady producer DC Universe Online, forthcoming zombie run-and-gun H1Z1, and a couple of valiant but costly efforts including FreeRealms and The Agency.

I was initially excited when the “History of EverQuest II – 10th Anniversary Documentary” was teased seven weeks ago. A game with 10 years of history, touched by the hands of over 100 designers, artists, animators, musicians, and programmers must be bursting with captivating stories to tell. Surely SOE would be ringing their phone off the hook trying to land interviews with EverQuest II’s chief alumni.

I would have started with EQ2′s launch Producer Scott Hartsman, current CEO of Trion Worlds. He shepherded the game’s uncertain launch and is still considered by some to have been its strongest producer. The three year search for a qualified replacement that followed his departure only bolstered the EQ2 community’s unwavering adoration for him.

SOE Customer Service Puts Too Much Faith in New StationCash Promo Code System

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Within any company of Sony Online Entertainment’s size, there will always be technical glitches in their public facing websites, launchpads, etc. that must be resolved. And I’ve been quick to jump to the defense of the overworked Customer Service team. They generally work as hard as they can to answer mountains of angry e-mails, and this time, they are doing so just days before the Christmas break. Yet this year, I am feeling somewhat less generous with my giving of slack.

Last week’s Bonus Mystery StationCash promotion clearly required code development by the Web team and/or Platform. Someone had to create a StationCash discount/bonus code that’s is only valid for 1 day. Someone had to develop code to detect and record that players have Opted In to all SOE Promotions, as well as which day they did so. Someone then needed to run a report to create e-mail lists of players who meet all the criteria and then send them out without flooding SOE’s mail service or the e-mail “middlemen” carriers between us and SOE.

Guide: No Shortage of Ferrin for Solo Players

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In addition to the Solo and Advanced Solo dungeons in Altar of Malice, there is actually quite a lot that soloers can do each day and each week to acquire armor and [eq2u]Far Seas Ferrin[/eq2u], this expansion’s currency. If you use the popular EQ2MAP UI modification, then the location of nearly all of these mission starters can be found there. There’s also some info on the EQ2 Forums. Thanks to Oakmiser for his assistance in composing this article!

All Bonus Mystery StationCash E-mails Have Been Sent For Today

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If (like me) you haven’t received your Bonus Mystery StationCash code for today, it’s time to contact Customer Service.

UPDATE: Early reports indicate that Sony Online’s e-mails sent out today are being throttled by intermediary ISPs. Players who submitted tickets earlier have subsequently received their e-mail notifications. This may be a matter of being patient.

History of EverQuest II – 10th Anniversary Documentary, Part 1

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First teased here, the Community team have now posted the first half of their EverQuest II 10th Anniversary Documentary. If you are a fan of perpetual dwarf roleplayer and SOE Director of Global Community Relations Linda “Brasse” Carlson, then you’ll love this. If you were hoping for some insight into the actual history of EQ2… Squirrel!

We’ll let you know when the second half has been posted.

Inside the Player’s Studio Interviews EQ2 Assoc Art Director Dave “Covic” Brown

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If you are a fan of watching videos/livecasts, or are a fan of or designer for Player Studio, then you won’t want to miss this week’s Inside the Player’s Studio as Rick “Storn” Reynolds interviews EQ2 Associate Art Director Dave “Covic” Brown about the Players Studio program.

Rick and Dave go over recent submissions for EQ2 and critique and provide feedback on how to make the best possible items so that they are accepted! The big news this week is that the new Player Studio Viewer app which helps designers see how their items will look in the EQ2 engine.

Watch live video from Sony Online Entertainment on Twitch

P.S. I did set this video to “auto_play=false” and it still starts in some browsers. I’ve tweeted something to the Twitch people about it. UPDATE I’ve removed the embed since it autoplays.

25% Bonus, 50% Bonus, Double, or even Triple SC Days if You Opted In (and get lucky on the RNG!)

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Remember how SOE really really really wanted us to opt-in to promotional SOE-wide mailings? The Kerran is now out of the bag as to why…

It looks like today Friday December 19th, Saturday December 20th, and Sunday December 21st, players who opted into these e-mails (which come from info@e-sonyonline.com) will receive a random code each day which unlocks 25%, 50%, Double, or even Triple SC on their account until 11:59pm that night. And we thought there’d never be another Triple SC again!

May the RNG be forever in your favor, and hopefully the Triple SC codes aren’t as rare as [eq2u]Advanced Adornments Volume 11[/eq2u]! Here’s the e-mail a player received:


Link to Official E-mail Promotion: Station Cash Mystery Bonus FAQ

Update Notes: Thursday, December 18, 2014

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From the EQ2 Forums:


  • Up to 280 AAs will be granted as part of leveling up. Every level after 10 until level 90 characters will receive 3 AA points. Every 5th level characters will receive an additional 2 AA points, for a total of 5. Once a player reaches 280 AAs, all AA grants will cease. If characters are not at 280 AA points upon reaching level 90, they will receive additional points to reach 280.
  • All existing characters will be grandfathered their missing additional AA points. For example, in the new system a level 25 character would have been granted a total of 56 AA points, so all level 25 characters will be granted an additional 56 AA points. This AA grant won’t set a character’s AA count above 280.
  • Touch of the Steward, the AA bauble from Chains of Eternity, is now usable starting at level 10 instead of level 90.
  • The Marketplace AA bauble, Untapped Achievements, will now grant 320 AA points instead of 280 AA points. All existing Untapped Achievement baubles will be automatically exchanged for the new version.

Celebrate the Holidays with Double Personal Status for Members

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From the EQ2 Forums:


Salutations Everyone!
Are there some status items you’d love to purchase this season, but your personal status points are running a little low? Would you love to make a charitable donation to your guild hall escrow account this holiday? There’s a lot to celebrate this Frostfell, and we’re happy to announce the chance to earn some extra status this season!

Beginning today, December 17th, at 12:00pm (Noon) PST until Sunday, December 28 at 11:59pm PST, All Access Members will earn double personal status. This holiday is too special to celebrate for just one day, so we’re celebrating the season for 12 Days!

Dragon’s Armory Releases “Armory Tracker” Loot Data Plugin

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Given the choice between cold hard facts and the mystery of not knowing, I will almost always choose the facts. Guesswork and lack of information are the root of many misunderstandings in this life, and EQ2 is no exception. While EQ2 currently publishes an all-you-can-eat buffet of information to Census, Loot Tables are not amongst them. Fortunately other options exist!

Through use of an Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT) plugin, it has long been possible to record which NPCs from which Zones drop which Items, collate this data, and present in on a website. LootDB has done this for years, however it is not fully integrated and has some issues. Today, we’re happy to announce that Dedith of Dragon’s Armory has been working on his own ACT plugin and has now publicly released it for download by all EQ2 players!

Meanwhile, Dethdlr and I are in the final stages of developing support for this feature on EQ2U and hope to see this by the end of the year (hard to believe that’s just two weeks!). When complete, you’ll be able to look at an Item and see which NPC drops it, but more interestingly, you’ll be able to drill down from any Zone and see what drops in the zone and also filter by NPC. By default, we will show Level 95+ and Legendary+ items, although you’ll be able to adjust these filters to show everything!

Have You Taken the Altar of Malice Expansion Survey?

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Have you taken the EverQuest II: Altar of Malice expansion survey? If not, head here:


Personally as someone who has dedicated some time to writing good survey questions, this has to be one of the most generic surveys I’ve seen. On one hand, there is an entire page dedicated to the six raid zones in the expansion, yet the entirety of the tradeskill and heroic content are each distilled down to a single 1-10 rating question. What if you love the zones, animations, populations, humor, and the music, but you dislike difficulty, how would you rate that?

It’s pretty clear that Marketing largely referenced the expansion’s press release without much (if any) consultation with the EQ2 team. I wonder what if anything SOE will learn from this survey. I feel that the way the questions are written is prone to lead to invalid conclusions.

Update Notes: Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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Here are your update notes this week. Of course the biggest change is Dungeon Maker being nerfed into oblivion. Also don’t forget that there will be a 3 hours of e-commerce and voice chat maintenance today coinciding with the patch.

From the EQ2 Forums:


  • Corrected an issue where coin would vanish when deposited into the shared bank as an exile.


  • The Dungeon Maker feature is now available to all players.
  • Dungeon Maker dungeons no longer grant experience or rewards. Players can still spend existing tokens in the Marketplace.
  • Most avatars and toolbox objects are available to all players.
  • Spawners no longer drop in the world.
  • Current dungeons have been unpublished. [Ed. Note: This is being done to reset the Leaderboards)

December 16th Commerce and Voice Chat Maintenance

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From the SOE Forums:

Attention players: we will perform maintenance beginning at 6:00 AM PST* on Tuesday, December 16, 2014. We expect this maintenance to last about three hours. This will impact the following SOE services:

  • Commerce functions, including purchases, for all games
  • Voice chat functions for all games

Thank you for your patience as we complete this maintenance.

- SOE Community Team

Time Zone Conversions

  • PST: December 16 @ 6:00am ~ 9:00am
  • EST: December 16 @ 9:00am ~ Noon
  • GMT: December 16 @ 14:00 ~ 17:00
  • CET: December 16 @ 15:00 ~ 18:00
  • AEDT: December 17 @ 1:00am ~ 4:00am

Take a Break From the Cold & Check Out HOT Player Studio Items

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From the EQ2 Forums:


The Player Studio program gives players a chance to create, submit, and sell items in the Marketplace. EverQuest 2 has some amazing player artists who have been taking requests and working hard to make these items available in game. Many items are submitted, but only the most outstanding ones make it into Norrath! Last month, these were the most popular EQ2 Player Studio items:

1. Freeblood’s Tomb by NS6


This tomb has been making an appearance in eerie lands across Norrath. What lies inside? Well, that’s up to you!

Automatic AA Point Grants Per Level, Up to 280AA @ 90

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After reading today’s announcement, your first comment will probably be “Why the **** wasn’t this announced yesterday?!?!“. Your second comment will probably be “I’m never moving my AA slider above 0% again!“.

Starting Thursday, December 18th, all EQ2 characters as they level from up will receive an automatic amount of AA points based on their level. At level 10, you’ll be given 5 points. At level 11, you’ll get another 3 points. At level 15, you’ll have received 22 points and so forth. Any EQ2 character currently level 90 but with less than 280 AAs (I counted — it’s 9,785) who logs in after December 18th will be auto-granted 280 AAs.

This change does not interfere with your ability to earn AA points, and after level 90, you are ON YOUR OWN, this change should make sure that you have the minimum number of AAs to do the content you want AND lets you seamlessly continue playing after level 90 rather than being stonewalled. This should take a lot of the bite out of grinding AAs and let players level more freely in Agnostic Dungeons, from questing, and so forth. And hopefully this will debunk those conspiracy theories about SOE trying to sell Heroic Characters and AA baubles!

The announcement after the jump…

“Update Coming to AAs” Let the Speculation Begin

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After today’s announcement that Dungeon Maker XP and Rewards are going byebye resulted in some particularly grotesque language on the official forums, we’re looking for any positive news that might help soften the blow. A refund for those who purchased Dungeon Maker in the last 90 days would be nice, but in the meantime, Holly “Windstalker” Longdale’s has posted something mysterious on Twitter about AAs.

Maybe the player-unfriendly 280AA/90 hard limit is being removed in favor of a curve or a polite warning or something other than “You shall not pass!”

Let the speculation begin!

The Bug Bash Update is Live

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This morning’s game update included dozens of bugs reported by players, some since the launch of Destiny of Velious. From the EQ2 Forums:


Do you enjoy adventuring and tradeskilling, but find the occasional bug rather pesky? We had an opportunity to talk with many of you directly at SOE Live 2014. Your feedback helps us find bugs and make improvements to the game we all love. Consider many of those bugs squashed, because we’ve made a lot of improvements in the Bug Bash update so that you can enjoy the activities you love even more! So what changed in the Bug Bash?

Frostfell 2014 is Now Open!

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Each year, Frostfell gets even bigger with more quests, more collections, and more recipes with more items you can make for your home. It’s hard not to miss something without a writeup or two and fortunately EQ2 ZAM and EQ2Traders continue to deliver. Meanwhile Lera has fully updated EQ2Furniture to include multiple screenshots of every single house item available in EQ2, including all the new goodies for Frostfell! As of Noon pacific, Frostfell is open for business, and the remaining few EQ2 fan sites are all over this much-anticipated event.

Producer’s Letter: Dungeon Maker XP Going Away December 16

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In a long-awaited change that should come as a surprise to none, Dungeon Maker XP and rewards are being removed as of December 16th. Here’s EQ2 Senior Producer Holly “Windstalker” Longdale‘s announcement on the EQ2 Forums:

Greetings Norrathians,

Three years ago, we added the Dungeon Maker system to EverQuest 2. During that time you all have used it to create some amazing dungeons to explore, creating your own spins on the world of Norrath within your private instances. We could not be happier with the fantastic creativity that’s been shown and that’s exactly why we added the feature to the game.

Unfortunately, some players also found that Dungeon Maker could be used to bypass adventuring and quickly gain experience without risk. Worse, those same players would often then complain that there is no challenge in the game because they leveled up to max in DM, and then received no challenge at all from the rest of the new content. Additionally, players that level through the content instead of DM were feeling cheated for not taking advantage of the experience exploit while their friends were already at max level, thus diminishing their enjoyment of the content.

The solution is easy to identify. Essentially, Dungeon Maker is way too easy to exploit for experience. We could spend time buttressing the Dungeon Maker systems to make them non-exploitable, but we would rather spend that time on new content and new adventures for everyone to play, not just the smaller segment of players interested in Dungeon Maker.

Don’t Miss Out. Sign Up for SOE E-mails Now

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So SOE really really really really really wants all of us to be on their e-mail distribution list. From the EQ2 Forums:

There’s a lot of excitement happening here at SOE. In addition to news and updates about our games, we want to make sure you have the chance to participate in some of the great promotions we have to offer!

This holiday season, one promotion is available through e-mails only. If you want to have the chance to participate, you need to make sure you’re “opted-in” (signed up to receive e-mails from Sony Online Entertainment)! In order to receive our holiday promotion e-mails, you must have this box checked on your account e-mail preferences by Wednesday, December 17, 2014.

Frostfell Wonderland Goes Live Tomorrow — December 11th ~ January 8th

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From the EQ2 Forums:

The weather outside might be frightful, but the Norrathian streets are decorated and the citizens are so delightful! The Gigglegibber goblins and Frostfell elves are spreading cheer throughout Norrath this season and encouraging players to visit the Frostfell Wonderland Village. You can access the Wonderland through the Magic Closets in Qeynos Province District, Freeport, Haven, Kelethin, Neriak, Gorowyn and New Halas. In addition to the return of your favorite Frostell festivities, you can also look forward to plenty of exciting new content this season!

Update Notes: Thursday, December 11, 2014

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It’s Bug Bash (and Altar of Malice heroic zone rebalancing) time!

From the EQ2 Forums:


  • Fixed an issue where you could lose your grandmaster spell if you betrayed.
  • The tooltip and examine window information will now correctly display the damage type of missile weapons.
  • Rejoice! Exiles can now use the shared bank!
  • Exiles can now change suffix titles!
  • SOE Live Request: Added the command /dump_items_to_log, which, true to its name, will write the contents of your inventory to your log. Please note that only items known to your game client will be logged; as such, the output may vary depending on whether you’re in a house zone or not.
  • SOE Live Request: Players may now drag game commands such as “Summon Mount,” “Melee Attack,” “Ranged Attack” etc. into the Edit Macro window to create a step with the appropriate command.

Implemented support for mouseover macros. By specifying %v (similar to the usage of %t) as the target in a macro, the player name under the mouse cursor will be used as the target of the spell cast. This only applies to the following UI elements:

  • Your own character info window (found in the upper left corner with the default UI)
  • Target Window
  • Implied Target Window
  • Group Window
  • Raid Window
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