“Malicious Threat” Prelude Event is Now Live Until September 16th!

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Early this morning, the “Malicious Threat” prelude event was activated on all EQ2 live (non-TLE) servers. This event will undoubtedly tie current events into this fall’s upcoming expansion, while giving some hints of what we can expect later this year. The prelude event was tested on the Test server and is now live until September 16, 2015.

Good players can start the “Malice in the Glade” quest in Greater Faydark while Evil players should start the “Malice in the Woods” version in Darklight Wood. Both quests start in Greater Faydark. These quest writeups are by Sigrdrifa. When the quest is completed, you may continue defeating Primordial Malice mobs to get arcane Malice baubles which are a currency to buy special House and Appearance items. Niami Denmother of EQ2Traders has posted a Guide to the event and screenshots of all the in-game items which may be purchased.

From the EQ2 Forums:

Will you confront malice in Norrath?


The mage house of Kelethin’s House of Falling Stars and Neriak’s Disciples of Innoruuk have both felt something disturbing a nearby location. They are looking for adventurers willing to investigate and help them uncover a threatening campaign being carried out. Players welcome in Neriak should speak with Virun D’Xyafin in Darklight Wood, while those that are welcome in Kelethin should speak with Miriel Tawnyglade in Greater Faydark.

This in-game event runs until Wednesday, September 16, 2015.


How Do I Find What Expansions/Campaigns/Features I Have?

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It’s been over a year since SOE’s Gold and Station Pass subscriptions were revamped and rolled into a single All Access program. If it’s been a while since you played EverQuest II and you are just coming back, you might have forgotten what game features and entitlements you’ve been granted in EverQuest II. While you’re in-game, you can always type /show_account_features to see a localized listing all your in-game account features/grants. However if you want to see this information on a website, you have to know the secret handshake. This link is not shown anywhere on the DaybreakGames.com website.

If you are returning to the game after an absence, remember that all expansions up to Chains of Eternity are free. Since then, there have been two expansions and a campaign that you may purchase singly or in a bundle. There are also a few game features that have an additional cost:

  • Altar of Malice + Rum Cellar bundle includes Tears of Veeshan and all level 95-100 content = best price
  • Altar of Malice (95-100 content) which includes Tears of Veeshan
  • Rum Cellar campaign (100 content)
  • Feature: Mercenaries
  • Feature: Reforging
  • Feature: Tradeskill Apprentices
  • Feature: Beastlord class
  • Feature: Channeler class
  • Feature: Freeblood race
  • Feature: Aerakyn race

A new expansion is currently planned for Novemberish and if Campaigns are treated like the adventure packs of old, then the November update may not include past campaigns or expansions, so only buy what you need right now. Also be aware that Expansions are currently dsabled on the Time-Locked Expansion servers. If you are playing in TLE PvP or PvE, you are locked to the base game with a level cap of 50.

Please be aware that the hidden EQ2 Game Features and Grants page shows everything twice.

Producer’s Letter: New Fabled, Ethereal Items, PvE & PvP Time-Locked Progression Servers, and More!

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From EQ and EQ2 Executive Producer Holly “Windstalker” Longdale on the EQ2 Forums:

What’s Up for EQII?

We have a lot in store for our intrepid Everquest II players. We’re excited to be discussing the launch of two new Time-Locked Expansion Servers for PvE and PvP sometime this year.

Along with that, the team is moving forward with a strategy of treating our players as real gamers who don’t need to be handheld for everything they do. What this means is we feel we need to trust our players to learn and achieve things without us having to give you all the information ahead of time. There’s a big difference between “head southwest and uncover the mystery of the green fog” and “go find the green fog that I put on your map for you.” Our players are smart and we want EQII to be a thinker’s and strategist’s game.

Today we release a new Rumrunner home with a décor set for our decorators, a store version of the Zeppelin mount for anyone that likes to float about in style, and new Summer Ethereal items will start dropping in Altar of Malice heroic zones (including Rum Cellar) for our adventurers.

We’re also currently testing Character Restore and Item Restore functionality on Beta which we hope to release soon.

On Tuesday, June 23, we will release Echoes of Faydwer Fabled Dungeons with all new updated loot and fun for level 100. There are 3 heroic dungeons, 3 advanced solos and 1 raid with a challenge version. Here’s the zone list:

· The Fabled Acadechism [Heroic & Advanced Solo] · The Fabled Court of Innovation [Heroic & Advanced Solo] · The Fabled Crypt of Valdoon [Heroic & Advanced Solo] · The Fabled Freethinker Hideout [Raid & Challenge Raid]

Then, in early July, we’ll introduce the ability to quest and worship Erollisi as a god for new miracles and blessings.

We can’t forget Tinkerfest! It will launch on July 17 with new content!

And later in the summer, we’ll see more Ethereal weapon drops.

For those who are curious, we’re doing a fair amount of technical and backend work to help our performance and to move toward cross-server functionality. We also want to address server population issues. We’re focusing on the first part of this work which is adjusting our architecture.

We also have been continuing to work on the content for our release later this year. Toward the end of summer as we head into the Campaign release timeframe later this year, we’ll be releasing some prequel events and designers will be sharing details about upcoming features with you. Today in our Twitch stream, designers previewed an upcoming feature that allows you to increase stats on new equipment. We also have a new item type in the works for this year’s campaign referred to as Relics which are extremely powerful items where only one can be equipped at a time, per character. Kander, Caith, and Kaitheel (yikes!) discussed these features in our livestream today and you can watch the replay here.

We’re enormously grateful for the support of all of our players and we’re excited about what’s coming up for EverQuest II!

Sincerely, as always,

Holly “Windstalker” Longdale
Exec Producer, EQ & EQII

June 4th, 2015 Livestream Notes — EoF Fabled Zones June 23rd, Summer Ethereals, Campansion 12 Info!

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Today Robert “Caith” Fouts, Nathan “Kaitheel” McCall, and Kyle “Kander” Vallee were joined by EQ2 Community Manager Ry “Roshen” Schuller to talk about upcoming changes in this fall’s expansion-sized Campaign, or as the EQ2 team has been calling — the Campansion. Here are my rough notes, subject to my interpretation and these are mostly not direct quotes. Any mistakes are my own!


Players have be able to upgrade armor through Gems and adding Essences to change the Damage type on Weapons. However this has been very limited as it requires the devs to create hundreds of items for each boost/change. A new feature is coming with this fall’s Campansion #12 (Expansion-sized Campaign) called Amplifying  which will allow items to be customized and upgraded on a more detailed level. Not all items in the game will be upgradeable, as this will be limited to items in the expansion and perhaps a few AoM/RC items. For example, you might get a bauble from a zone that allows you to boost stats or add a totally new stat to an item. You will be able to change the Weapon Delay (1, 2, 4, 6, 8) and Damage Type (Mental, Fire, Noxious) on Weapons.


current prototype of Amplifying

Amplifying requires a dropped material (which could be rare) to boost an item. We’re not sure what it costs just to change the stats, delay, or damage type on an item. The prototype shown just costs plat, but the finalized version will use a material. This will work alongside but not replace Reforging which will largely remain in its current form. The plan is to have a longer expansion Beta test this year so that more feedback can be collected on this feature.

Rum Cellar Launches Today – 28 April 2015

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Update: “Unlocking US live servers now.” – Bunji

Update: Downtime is now expected to extend until Noon Pacific time.  However, the link to purchase the Rum Cellar Campaign is now active, so we can pretend that’s the pre-order time window.  :)

Today marks the launch of the Rum Cellar Campaign which can be purchased here.

For those that haven’t been following along, the Rum Cellar Campaign is the first attempt at delivering Downloadable Content (DLC) for a price, rather than through traditional expansions (not counting the old Adventure Packs that were meant to be in addition to expansions, not a replacement for expansions).  It contains the “Far Seas Distillery” with 1 Solo, 1 Event Advanced Solo, 1 Heroic, 2 Event Heroics and a large Raid version for $15 ($13.50 for All Access).  Altar of Malice is required and should be available as a bundle for those that have yet to purchase AoM.  There will be another large Campaign this fall around the usual expansion release time.  The content released throughout the year in these Campaigns should add up to what we might have traditionally seen in a yearly expansion.

Roshen posted this on the EQ2Forums:

US EverQuest II Live Servers and website will be brought offline on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 7:00AM PDT* for the Rum Cellar Campaign Patch. Estimated downtime is approximately three hours.

Players will NOT be able to play this campaign until after this patch has completed, even if they purchase the campaign prior to this maintenance.

EU EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 7:00AM PDT* for this update. (Approx. 3:00PM London Time on April 28, 2015). Estimated downtime is three hours.

Alle deutschsprachigen Server werden um 16:00 CET am 28.04.2015 zwecks einer Serveraktualisierung heruntergefahren. Die vorgesehene Stillstandszeit wird etwa 3 Stunde(n) betragen

Le serveur de langue française sera arrêté à 16:00 CET le 28-04-2015 pour une mise à jour du serveur. Le temps d’arrêt sera d’environ 3 heures.

*Time Zone Converter

Update notes for this downtime can be found in the Game Update Notes forum once they’re available.

Keep an eye on the EverQuest II forums for news if additional downtime is needed.

EDIT: Approx downtime is now three hours.

EDIT 2: This downtime will affect the website as well.

Update: As part of the launch festivities, Daybreak Games will be livestreaming as well:

Don’t miss today’s EverQuest 2 stream! To celebrate the launch of the Rum Cellar Campaign, we’ll be streaming today, Tuesday, April 28, 2015 starting at 11AM PDT* on twitch.tv/EverQuest 2

Announcing the Rum Cellar Campaign DLC for $15 [NOT A JOKE]

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If you told me last November that nearly one third of Altar of Malice expansion purchasers would opt for the never discounted $89.99 Collector’s Edition, I’d have suggested therapy or possibly drug treatment. If you read the comments here on EQ2Wire and on the official EQ2 forums when the pricing was announced, the universal response was howls of protest.  Yet to this day, the expansion not only continues to show good sales numbers, but fully one third spring for the Collector’s Edition. Perhaps we ARE the vocal minority.

So with that background comes today’s Marketing-driven blitz (yes on April Fool’s Day for some reason) of how EverQuest II’s content will be released going forward. First up, here are the Press sites that participated in Round Tables with the EQ2 team this week:

TL;DR Summary

  • Coming on April 28th, we will see a purchasable “Campaign” or what most people would call DLC/Adventure Pack for $15 ($13.50 for All Access)
  • The new DLC introduces a new instance called the “Far Seas Distillery“, with 1 Solo, 1 Event Advanced Solo, 1 Heroic, 2 Event Heroics, and large Raid versions. The new zones have rare loot, collections, achievements, a new drunken monk mercenary, and a dropped Zeppelin flying mount.
  • We’ll see another large Campaign this fall around the usual expansion release time. The content released throughout the year in these Campaigns will add up to what we might have traditionally seen in a yearly expansion.
  • Cross-Server Dungeon Finder is coming “later this summer”.
  • New Deity Revamp this fall with purchasable AA abilities.
  • Level cap will remain 100 for the time being.

Have You Taken the Altar of Malice Expansion Survey?

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Have you taken the EverQuest II: Altar of Malice expansion survey? If not, head here:


Personally as someone who has dedicated some time to writing good survey questions, this has to be one of the most generic surveys I’ve seen. On one hand, there is an entire page dedicated to the six raid zones in the expansion, yet the entirety of the tradeskill and heroic content are each distilled down to a single 1-10 rating question. What if you love the zones, animations, populations, humor, and the music, but you dislike difficulty, how would you rate that?

It’s pretty clear that Marketing largely referenced the expansion’s press release without much (if any) consultation with the EQ2 team. I wonder what if anything SOE will learn from this survey. I feel that the way the questions are written is prone to lead to invalid conclusions.

Altar of Malice Available today for Free-to-Play, Login issues

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Starting today, EverQuest II’s 11th expansion Altar of Malice will become available for purchase for Free-to-Play EQ2 players both at EverQuest2.com, and through Steam. All Access customers were able to buy and play the expansion some two weeks ago starting on November 11th. Pricing remains unchanged, at $39.99 for the standard edition and $89.99 for the collector’s edition.

Coinciding with the platform changes to allow F2P players to buy the expansion, there are some login issues affecting EQ2 players. Update as of 35 minutes ago:

From Afista on Twitter (also posted on the EQ2 Forums):

Update Notes: Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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First up, starting at 10:00am PST tomorrow (1:00pm EST, 18:00 GMT, 19:00 CET), Free-to-Play EQ2 players will be able to buy and start playing the Altar of Malice expansion.

Now for the downtime announcement…

US EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at approximately 7:00AM PST.
Estimated downtime is 1 hour.

EU EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at approximately 9:00PM PST. (Aprox. 5:00AM London Time on 11/26/2014)
Estimated downtime is 2 hours.

All accounts will also be able to purchase and play our new expansion, Altar of Malice, at 10:00AM PST.


  • Fixed a bug where general achievements would export to census with “Altar of Malice” as the subcategory.

EverQuest II – Tenth Anniversary Contest — Altar of Malice CE Code

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From the EQ2 Forums:


Greetings Norrathians!

EverQuest II is currently celebrating ten amazing years of gameplay. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we’re giving away 10 Collector’s Editions of our new expansion, Altar of Malice!
You can enter the EverQuest II – Tenth Anniversary Contest from now until 11:59pm PST on Sunday, November 23, 2014. We’ll randomly select ten winners from the eligible entries to win a Collector’s Edition code for Altar of Malice.
Thank you to all of our wonderful players and happy anniversary!

EQ2Wire Post-Altar of Malice Launch Weekend Report

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All Access subscribers who purchased the All Access expansion have been chugging along working on quests, zones, and more since late Tuesday, and so far there haven’t been too many show-stopping bugs, however a few always creep in and we are collecting them here.


  • Bugged Kithicor
  • Allu’thoa Menace
  • Far Seas Faction Merchants
  • AoM Heroic Loot Missing
  • Localization text
  • Brokenskull Bay Contested
  • High Keep Contested XP
  • Shattered Seas: Temple of Doom
  • Castle Highhold

Bugged Kithicor

There are two bugged quests in Kithicor, not required by the Altar of Malice signature quest, which otherwise prevent progress in it. “Sustaining Souls of Bloody Kithicor” and a request to place blessed salt to the souls of slain Teir’Dal by the quest “Momentary Peace for Bloody Kithicor“. The workaround for these seems to be to cancel or re-apply the Belt Illusion associated with the questline.

Allu’thoa Menace

We’re not sure how serious this is, but there seems to be a detriment that does not cancel when the related mob is killed. Extemper indicates that a fix is coming soon.

Upcoming Livestream: EQII 10th Anniversary this Friday, Nov 14 @ 2PM PST

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From the EQ2 Forums:

You won’t want to miss the EverQuest II 10th Anniversary Stream, this Friday, November 14, 2014, running from 2-3PM PST. You can watch us on www.twitch.tv/everquest2

Tune in to watch Holly “Windstalker” Longdale, Kyle “Kander” Vallee, and Ry “Roshen” Schueller as they show off the newest expansion Altar of Malice, and play the new Aerakyn race. The team will also be running a special 10th Anniversary in-game event on the Freeport server that you certainly wouldn’t want to miss!
Do you like giveaways? We got them! During this one hour stream there will be goodies that some of our luckiest viewers will pick up as part of the 10th Anniversary celebration.

You DON’T want to miss this stream! Will we see you in-game or in Twitch chat?

Time Zone Conversions

  • PST: November 14 @ 2:00pm-3:00pm
  • EST: November 14 @ 5:00pm-6:00pm
  • GMT: November 14 @ 22:00-23:00
  • CET: November 14 @ 23:00-24:00
  • AEDT: Saturday, November 15, 2014 @ 9:00am

Obvious: Altar of Malice Early Access Requires All Access Sub

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This may seem self-evident, but playing the Altar of Malice expansion these next two weeks (November 11-24) prior to the widespread release is a thank you given to All Access subscribers for their continued support. Free-to-Play users will be able to buy and start playing Altar of Malice on November 25, 2014.

If you are currently All Access, bought Altar of Malice, and let your All Access subscription expire during the early access, you will be booted to Antonica and not able to access expansion zones until November 25th!

My opinion: It would not be fair for people who renewed their All Access just to buy Altar of Malice to then it lapse but keep playing.

Podcast: EQ2Wire Interviews EQ2 Lead Designer Kander for Altar of Malice

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EQ2Wire was fortunate enough to interview EQ2 Lead Designer Kyle “Kander“ Vallée for today’s Altar of Malice expansion launch to talk about a broad spectrum of topics including:

  • The building blocks of MMORPG content design and how collaboration between artists, animators, musicians, and designers makes it possible for a cohesive expansion with a strong theme and storyline.
  • The new Altar of Malice zones as they fit into Solo, Adv Solo, Heroic, Event Heroic, and Raid playstyles
  • How Altar of Malice builds on the Itemization bedrock laid by Tears of Veeshan
  • A hint of what we can expect in next year’s content-focused updates.

Download the EQ2Wire Altar of Malice Kander Interview [50:27]

This is my first (and possibly only) podcast recording so please be gentle. I’m not an old pro at this like Dellmon, Aliscious, and Osgz of EQ2Talk. ;)

Altar of Malice Frequently Asked Questions

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Table of Contents

Q: So what’s new in the expansion?

  • Adventure, Tradeskill, and Guild levels can now all go to 100.
  • 100 new Quests including new Signature line for the expansion
  • All new level 96-100 harvestables, spells, recipes, armor, weapons, etc.
  • Two new Tradeskill questlines by Domino
  • Two new Overland zones (The Phantom Sea and The Tranquil Sea).
  • Ten new Heroic zones with 4-5 bosses per zone.
  • Five new Event Heroic zones with a single ring event and boss (10-15 minute zone!)
  • Two contested Heroic zones for leveling from 96-100 (if you prefer to grind).
  • Six raid zones, many of which are tuned for entry-level raiding
  • Avatars of the Gods gets 4 more Avatar raid fights
  • New PvP Gear
  • Nearly all spells can be upgraded to Grandmaster from level 1-100.
  • New “Ancient” spells/combat arts.

Altar of Malice Launches Today & Altar of Malice Trailer

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Altar of Malice launch trailer @ Youtube

From the EQ2 Forums:

EverQuest II’s 11th expansion, Altar of Malice, launches today for All-Access Members! Are you ready to take up arms and unravel the mysteries of The Shattered Seas? This expansion is packed full of adventure and brings a ton of exciting new features to players! Let’s take a look at some of the things you can look forward to in Altar of Malice.

Altar of Malice Now Available for Purchase!!

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The Altar of Malice expansion is now available for purchase for All Access subscribers!!


Answers to Frequent Questions

  • If you Free-to-Play, or wish to purchase on the Steam platform, then you will be able to purchase the expansion on November 25, 2014.
  • If you attended SOE Live, then you can verify that you have been granted the standard edition of Altar of Malice by visiting this hidden EQ2 Entitlements page and looking for “Entitlement: Altar of Malice“.
  • Some users are receiving the message “You are not eligible to purchase this product. Please check available products below.” If you did not attend SOE Live and you receive this message, try a different web browser like (shudder) Internet Explorer.
  • If you attended SOE Live and wish to upgrade to the Collector’s Edition, then DO NOT BUY THE COLLECTOR’S EDITION!!! Instead click on the “Standard Edition ($39.99) button and you will be presented with this screen offering to sell you the upgrade for $50:


Altar of Malice & Nov 11th Game Update Downtime — 5am~Noon

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After some initial confusion, the downtime for tomorrow’s big update for the Altar of Malice expansion has been announced. ALL servers will go down at 5:00am PST tomorrow.

Time Zone Conversions — Downtime for ALL SERVERS (US, EU, RU, JP)

  • PST: November 11 @ 5:00am til Noon
  • EST: November 11 @ 8:00am til 3:00pm
  • GMT: November 11 @ 13:00 til 20:00
  • CET: November 11 @ 14:00 til 21:00
  • AEDT: November 11 @ Midnight til November 12 @ 7:00am

Last Day for Altar of Malice Beta Testing Rewards

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Today is the last day to run the Altar of Malice solo quest lines, heroic zones, or do the tradeskill questline and get rewards for your live characters.

You Beta Believe These Rewards are Awesome

From Afista on the EQ2 Forums:

The Beta server will be coming down tomorrow morning with the game update. It will not be coming back online after tomorrow’s All-Access launch of Altar of Malice.

Altar of Malice Goes Live Tomorrow Noonish

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From EQ2 Senior Producer Holly “Windstalker” Longdale‘s twitter:


Presumably this means we’ll be able to buy the Altar of Malice expansion around the same time servers come up, but possibly ambiguously sooner.

Altar of Malice Zone Preview: Ssraeshza

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From Akil “Lyndro” Hooper on the EQ2 Forums:

For centuries, Ssraeshza, the last bastion of the Shissar, loomed forebodingly over the gray plains of the moon, Luclin. During The Shattering, Ssraeshza was among the chunks of Luclin that rained down on Norrath. The temple landed inverted within the Phantom Sea, where it formed the island known as Grim Shales. The shattered walls of the temple created a terrible landscape, treacherous to even the hardiest of explorers.


Though the great temple sits in near ruin, a dark force has begun its reconstruction. The Akheva and their subjugated Grimlings have been silently restoring the temple’s focal power, venturing out into the Shattered Seas to procure the necessary components. What mysterious designs do they have for our world? Can they be stopped before their shadow stretches over all of Norrath?

EverQuest II Altar of Malice Zone Previews – The Tranquil Sea & Brokenskull Bay

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EQ/EQ2 Community Manager Ry “Roshen” Schueller interviews designers Jeffery “Extemper” Bard and Carlos “Gninja” Mora as they give us a sneak peek of the stunning The Tranquil Sea and elaborate Brokenskull Bay, two new zones in the upcoming Altar of Malice expansion releasing next Tuesday for All Access members and November 25th for everyone else.

The Tranquil Sea is the first overland zone players encounter in the Altar of Malice, and contains the Isle of Refuge, Alla’thoa, and much much more. Brokenskull Bay is a swashbuckling instance styled after Tortuga and will be available in a few different heroic versions, an advanced solo adventure, plus a level 96-100 Contested zone to help players who wish to level up through wanton slaughter.

EQ2 Team Working to Make Sure New Altar of Malice Zones Don’t Zonk Older PCs

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We are now seven months past the “End of Life” date for Windows XP, but you wouldn’t know it from the number of players reporting issues with the Altar of Malice beta. While the crashes being reported are far from exclusive to any particular version of Windows, it’s a little frightening how many EQ2 players are still running a version of Windows which is not receiving any type of security updates and which is limited to just 3GB of memory (with a scant 2GB of that being made available to EQ2).

No game developer wants to release an expansion that renders obsolete the computers of paying customers. However through financial hardship, lack of technical know-how, or just plain inertia, some EQ2 players have been left behind on positively prehistoric versions of Windows on what are frequently perfectly good computers more than capable of running Windows 7 (which, from a user experience, is almost identical to Windows XP). Worse, these players get a degraded experience as nothing cripples a fast CPU, motherboard, and video card like a 12 year old operating system.

All this said, the EQ2 team are working hard to make sure that the beautiful new Tranquil and Phantom Sea zones work just as well on people’s computers as all the existing parts of Norrath. EQ2 Senior Producer Holly “Windstalker” Longdale took to the forums to assure players that support is a top priority:

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