The Twelve Days of Velious – Aether Races

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For the last day of the Destiny of Velious launch celebrations, every EQ2 and EQ2X player from level 1-90 is able to travel to Lavastorm, Butcherblock Mountains, or Tenebrous Tangle and fly around using a Tinkered flying machine. The quest and event has been placed near the entrance of the zone, thus the level of enemies should not prevent celebrations by all players of all levels.

Once you compete in a race through airborne rings in the allotted time, you receive a temporary flying contraption which is NO ZONE but which you can use to fully explore the entire zone and see just how much fun Flying Mounts are. After completing the race five times, you will receive a permanent C.R.A.S.H. Pad reward which is an appearance flying mount which requires having completed any flying mount quest to use, but can also be used as a 25% ground speed mount. If you love flying, but were hoping for an alternative to the various Gryphon mounts, here’s your chance.


  • 1 run: Test Pilot (title)
  • 5 runs: C.R.A.S.H. Pad flying appearance mount (permanent)
  • 10 runs: Crash Test Dummy Extraordinaire (title)

And according to Wilhelmina, there are special titles for finishing the course within a certain time:

  • 54s in Lavastorm: Smoking Ace (title)
  • 165s in Tenebrous Tangle : Cloud Buster (title)
  • ~80 in Butcherblock : Sea Hawk (title)

Kael Drakkel Reviewed, Tweaks Incoming

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Kael Drakkel is making Contested Dungeons in EQ2 sexy again. With 15 names, and the largest zone ever added to EQ2 (it’s larger than Solusek’s Eye), there is a lot to live up to here. The zone is intended to be difficult, with loot somewhere between the hardest Velious instances and beginning raids. It’s a new way of approaching contested dungeons compared to The Hole, Karnor’s Castle, Sebilis, and Chardok which all struggled to keep our attention after a few weeks.

Players have been looking for an old school dungeon crawl and Kael Drakkel seems to deliver. It shows a new commitment to creating dungeons that aren’t irrelevant or abandoned after the first week of the expansion. This is the kind of danger and contested experience we haven’t really seen since Castle Mistmoore and Sanctum of Scaleborn and feedback both during Beta and since launch has been surprisingly positive, even from the most jaded raiders.

Kander took a leading role in designing Kael Drakkel, and seems cautious about making any major changes to it. This seems wise, as subtle changes may be all that is warranted here.

Velious: One Week Later

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Now that we’ve seen Tuesday’s Update Notes, we can talk about a few issues we’ve seen which remain unresolved. These may have been fixed today, but they don’t appear in the Update Notes. If you know of a specific bug affecting quest progression, zone progression, etc., please post a comment!

  • Eastern Wastes Flight Discoveries
  • Uncooperative Twins
  • Forgotten Pools Zone In/Zone Out
  • Stat Changes Nerf Level 20-60 Gear
  • Nektropos Castle Door Missing
  • Many Instances Not Spawning Mobs
  • Public Quest Lag
  • Call of the Veteran More Broken Than Ever
  • Disruptive Students in Shadowed Corridors
  • Raid Invites
  • Autoconsume Items in Flight Spam
  • Quest Answers/Replies Have No Background
  • Graphic Artifacts with new Special Effects

Tuesday, March 1 Update Notes

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It’s one week since the launch of Destiny of Velious and there are always bugs and issues that make it through from the Beta. Today’s update tackles many of them. With today’s update, many of these issues are fixed.

Tradeskillers can now equip their Boreal or Frost Gryphon as a flying mount at level 85 tradeskill. Freebloods who have completed their Cloud of Bats quests can now use it. And the Collector’s Edition (still available as a $25 upgrade today until 10am PST [18:00 GMT] ) Stormfeather Brood Guardian is now usable by 85 tradeskill and 85 adventurer.

The Coldain Ring War and Storm Gorge Public Quests were a lot of fun this weekend, however several issues plagued both, making it difficult or impossible, even with a full raid of 24 players, to reach difficulty #4 or #5 to get the better rewards (including Legendary armor with yellow adornment slots). The Ring War PQ kept scaling down to solo difficulty, and the Storm Gorge PQ seemed to start at maximum difficulty, steamrolling everyone present, rather than ramping up.

We also see bug fixes in various quests, including both the group and raid versions of the Tower of Frozen Shadow.

Dethdlr’s Dungeon – DoV First Impressions

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Dethdlr's Dungeon

Tomorrow marks a week that Destiny of Velious has been live.  I’ve had time to run through the Icy Fingers quest series on three characters, get my flying mount, check out Thurgadin, and even run through the first quest area in the Eastern Wastes.  I’ve also poked my head into the Tower of Frozen Shadows: Shadowed Corridors.  I’ve learned a few things during this time that I’d like to pass on.  This is mainly meant for the non-raiding portion of our audience since the raiders most likely know all of this information already or have the level of gear so that this doesn’t really apply.

The Twelve Days of Velious – All Days Now Revealed!

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February 26: Double XP Day

Adventure, tradeskill, and AA XP gain are doubled. Saturday only!

February 27: Loot Bonanza Day

Today only, all named monsters will drop loot at 100% probability. Rare mobs will have doubled loot drop chances.

February 28: Expansion Upgrade Day

If you already own the Standard Edition, upgrade to Destiny of Velious Collector’s Edition for $25 on this day only. Pick up the Digital Collector’s Edition and enjoy the bonus items; Cryomantic Armor, the Stormfeather Brood Guardian Mount, Tserinna’s Wedding Present, and the Everfrost Summer Home (seen at this link).

Cheeseburgers and Public Quests

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A syndrome that I think many people who write about MMOs experience is that find ourselves actually PLAYING the game less and less. I’m certainly guilty of this myself. We get interested in a game, start writing about it based on our experience, and next thing you know we aren’t catching groups or raids anymore. So with Velious I made a commitment to get back in the game.

So one of my first experiences has been getting into Public Quests, which spawned the article yesterday. The concept certainly makes for an interesting type of content, one that was popular in Warhammer and is a huge draw for the new Rift. So far, I have heard feedback from quite a few players who have checked out Public Quests and have gotten mixed results.

The EQ2 Dev Tracker Is Your Friend

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Since the launch of the Destiny of Velious, there have been nearly 250 posts by Developers, Producers, and Animators on the EQ2 Team. While we appreciate this degree of feedback (it’s refreshing after the tight-lipped Velious Beta), it has been challenging to keep with it all, much less compose it into news stories that have context and are useful for our readers.

No doubt if you are already familiar with the EQ2 Dev Tracker, you check it out on occasion. I personally follow the EQ2 Dev Tracker at EQ2Flames because it’s easy to read, however the comments and feedback may be a bit blue for your tastes.

There is an avalanche of feedback about bugs and design issues with Quests, Armor, Reflections, Public Quests, Heroic and Raid Dungeons, Access Quests, etc. etc. If you haven’t been reading it, you may not be aware that there is renewed discussion about a /sit command (and possibly others), or about incoming fixes to any number of things which were discovered during or after Beta.

What Emotes Would You Like To See?

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Tom “ttobey” Tobey is asking for feedback on what emotes players would like to see added to the game.  Head over to the official forums and let him know your ideas.

Pretend I got sitting working…

What 5 emotes would you want to see?

Roleplaying type emotes I mean….

After seeing a few suggestions, he added the following:

i thinking more on the lines of /sit /sleep etc… /read is a good one.

February 25, 2011 Update Notes

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The U.S. servers will come down on February 25, 2011, at 7am PDT for a hotfix. The expected downtime is 2 hours. UK worlds will be updated at 5:00 AM London Time on February 25, 2011, with an estimated downtime will be 2 hours. Here are the notes:


  • Depth of Field, SSAO and Sunshafts should be working correctly now.
  • Fixed a crash bug.

Appearances Deceiving in Tower of Frozen Shadow

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The Tower of Frozen Shadow presents a unique, but familiar approach to dungeon progression. Although the seven (or is it eight?!?) floors of the Tower of Frozen Shadow are split up into 3 group instanced dungeons (Shadowed Corridors, Umbral Halls, and Haunt of Syl’Tor), there are quests that span all three. Completion of those quests is necessary to unlock different floors in the Tower.

UPDATE: Added quotes from Gninja.


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From covic on  the EQ2 Forums:

Update is that we started them and where trying to figure a way around skinning issues. Well our new graphic programmer says he can give me better skinning code. Right now a vert (point at the edge of polygon) can only have two bone influences, making it really hard for long skirt type cloth. Well Alex (GermInUSA) our graphic programmer says he can get me 4 influences. It’s on his task list for about April. Then we will probably block more time for the creating of kilt art assets.

You will laugh at this, but EQ1 has four influences per vert, why we didnt get that, I am not sure.


Servers Still Down 2 1/2 Hours Into 1 Hour Update

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All US servers are still down 2 1/2 hours into a 1 hour Update.

EQ2 Network Status Page

Yesterday we read in the EQ2 Dev Tracker that several tweaks and fixes as well as additional debug code were being added for Freeport and Everfrost servers to try to get to the bottom of the problems.

UPDATE: The Network Status Page has been updated to indicate this is now a 3 hour downtime. So much for Double Guild XP.

Why Am I Getting Flattened In Velious?

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So if you played in the Beta, or heard tales, you know that like past betas, the solo overland content was rather… challenging. We’re talking badgers and gnolls that ignore 30-40% of damage done to them, have upwards of 100,000 hp, and put out damage in the thousands. Notorious were the crystal spiders needed for the flying mount quest which, if they successfully poisoned you, were doing upwards of 4,000 damage *per tick* until cured. If you didn’t whip out a potion or use that click-to-cure, you were dead in seconds.

2 weeks before Velious Beta ended, SmokeJumper admitted that it was too difficult and so sweeping changes were made. Players who were originally getting slaughtered in Velious overland zones were then able to with stand 2-3 mobs beating on them with few ill effects. When Beta closed, we had been told that more changes would be made to try to strike a balance.

What we’ve seen so far in Velious is that things were tweaked to still present a challenge, but some of the tougher effects have been dialed down.

Spawn Issues in Older Zones

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From Windslasher:

I just got done checking this out and reproduced the bug. It’s not server lag or bad pathing, and doesn’t have anything to do with flying. A small number of spawns that were set up in a certain way have simply stopped working. The worst case of this is the entry room for Obelisk of Ahkzul, but there are other affected creatures as well.

Thanks for reporting this! It will be fixed ASAP.

Will We Ever Get Erudite Appearance of Old?

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From covic on the EQ2 Forums:

The classic looking Erudites wear everything a human does from the neck down. They also use the human skeleton so they have all animations of human character. The problem comes with the head. Since their code looks for human outfits they try to put on human helmets which their head would shoot out the top. We made some specific head pieces for them to be used as NPCs.

Rothgar, Zolratorh Battle “Receiving Zone Info” Issue, Crashes, Trolling

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If there is any doubt that EQ2 devs are working as hard as they can to resolve the persistent Receiving Zone Info issues affecting Freeport and (to some extent) other servers, know that Zoltaroth and Rothgar put in 16 hours on Tuesday, and I know that Zoltaroth worked again until midnight this morning. Sleep is overrated!

Flying Mounts Early? It Takes a Village

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It seems every year, thousands of bug reports are submitted to the EQ2 team during Beta. And it seems every year, a few highly visible bugs/exploits make it through. Last year, it was large encounters in The Hole that would respawn if all but one mob were killed. In The Shadow Odyssey beta it was widely reported that most of the dungeons could be completed when mentored down and greyed out.

So this year, so far we know of two:

Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar (Lord Bob) could be exploited to provide loot over and over. Lord Bob was fixed in today’s hotfix.

The Twelve Days of Velious – Guild Double XP & Free Server Transfers

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February 22: Othmir Day
Everyone who logs in on Launch Day, February 22nd, will receive an Othmir illusion potion. (Even those who aren’t playing in Velious!) The potion has 50 charges, and is available one per character. Just be sure to log in each of your characters during the day to claim a potion, if you want the illusion for more than one character.

This event will run at least until 10am pst (1pm cst, 18:00 gmt). According to some posts by SmokeJumper, this may be extended especially on Everfrost and Freeport which weren’t up until late last night. Remember, to claim this item, go to the Marketplace and select Expansion, then Nipik’s Gift.

February 23: Guild Double XP Day
Build up your guild and your guild spirit with Double Guild XP, today only!

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this seems an odd day to do Guild Double XP. It will likely give something to do for people who didn’t buy Velious or don’t have a level 86+.

February 24: Free Transfer Day
One day only! Get a free character transfer token from the in-game Marketplace and choose your own server. Up to five moves allowed per account.

NOTE: This is transfers WITHIN an account, but not BETWEEN accounts, as this still requires the involvement of Customer Service.

February 25: Snow Days Discounts
Every day’s a snow day in Velious, but today you’ll find lots of cool prices on frosty-themed items in the Marketplace.

Multi-Housing Gets an ETA

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After reading the Upcoming Housing Improvements! thread on the EQ2 Forums, and then hearing more about these changes in the Velious Webcasts, one might have logically concluded that these changes would be IN Velious.

You’ll recall that SmokeJumper referred to the Freeblood Estate, as well as Miragul’s Summer Home (part of the Velious Digital Collector’s Edition) as being smaller prestige homes that would connect to your main house once these changes went into effect.

After the jump, we get an estimate about when we might see Multiple Housing Ownership…

Hints of Velious II

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In a thread pondering when we might see the rest of Velious, SmokeJumper hinted much:

We didn’t do the Wakening Lands. We just have that one small tribute area to it. Think of it as a doorway to a potential future area.


We intend to grow a lot of the Velious stuff you’re missing. I have to stay mum for a bit until I get approval on *how* we want to roll it out to you, so I can’t say much else at the moment. Sorry.

Refer-a-Friend Gravy Train Ends

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If you have been abusing milking enjoying the Refer-a-Friend 300% XP bonus for its high speed leveling (and thus AA earning) goodness, especially by parking a level 1 trial account character at the zone-in, well, I’m afraid that has finally come to an end.

From Rich Waters 0n the EQ2 forums:

The Recruit-a-friend program is a great way for you to bring your friends into EverQuest II and help them level up a bit faster by playing together. When you group with a character you’ve recruited, you both gain a hefty 200% experience bonus. Unfortunately, many people were recruiting themselves and using it as a way to power-level their main character, rather than actually playing with a friend.

We’ve added a couple of limitations to the recruit-a-friend bonus to prevent it from being a solo leveling tool. In order to get the recruit-a-friend experience bonus:

Getting Reflections Back

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From Domino on the EQ2 Forums:

I spent the afternoon today lurking around listening in channels, including the homeshow channel, and heard quite a few comments about some changes to water textures and reflections. (Thanks to all who provided details!)

I talked to GermInUSA, who has been working on improving water and reflections lately. The quick fix is to turn on this display option:

Ctrl-O (open your options); click the advanced button; under the display options, in the “water” section, tick the “water reflections” tick box. (Despite the name, this also affects non-water reflections.)

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