Destiny of Velious NDA Lifts

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The Destiny of Velious NDA has officially lifted! If you participated in the Beta test, you’re now free to start talking about Destiny of Velious. We hope you enjoyed the new expansion as much as we’ve enjoyed working on it.

Please remember that all posts made on the Beta forums are still protected under the NDA and should not be shared publicly. In addition, screenshots were disabled in the Beta test so any images taken by bypassing the disabled screenshot feature also fall under this restriction.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Beta test. We appreciate all your feedback and we can’t wait to see you in Velious next week!

GU59/DoV: Tradeskill XP Changes

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In a change that has so far received mostly positive feedback, Destiny of Velious will likely alter the methods Tradeskillers will choose to level up most efficiently. While the Destiny of Velious NDA remains in effect, Domino has been allowed to share this change with the community to provide an opportunity for feedback before Velious (and its associated game update which we are calling Game Update 59 — SOE has yet to name it).

Most tradeskillers level up by first crafting new recipes (thus receiving a 200% Crafting Pristine Bonus), and then move on to writs (Rush Orders or Work Orders), and also fill in the gaps with other Tradeskill quests which have been added in the last 2 years. Tradeskill classes especially the scholars (Sage, Jeweler, Alchemist) have always been at a huge advantage here because of the number of new recipes earned with each level.

After the jump, Domino‘s posting on the EQ2 Forums about the upcoming Tradeskill XP Changes:

DLGamer Europe Deal for EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious

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Kerane has brought to our attention some special pricing by DLGamer for past customers and families to purchase EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious at a discount. The official SOE (and Direct2Drive) price for the Destiny of Velious expansion is 34,95  €.

EverQuest ® II Destiny of Velious ™ All-In-One X2 (Familly pack) 59,99 .

Two copies of EQ2 for your friends/family.

And according to an e-mail received by Kerane:

All who ordered the previous expansion from DLgamer can buy Destiny of Velious for 31.99 €“.

If you did not receive such an e-mail from DLGamer, shoot them an e-mail and see if you can get this deal. Alas, the only place to purchase the Destiny of Velious: Collector’s Edition is through SOE.

Lucan D’Lere Getting Crushed — Server Merge Update

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From the EQ2 Forums:

The Lucan D’Lere and Crushbone servers will be taken offline at 12:00am PST on Wednesday, February 16th [Thursday 16 Feb @ 8:00] and will be offline for an estimated 24 hours. The merged Crushbone server should be back online sometime around 12:00 am PST on Thursday, February 17th.

The following services will be affected for all EQII servers during this downtime and may experience interruptions:

  • Cross-server chat
  • Chat channels
  • In-game mail
  • Friends Lists

We apologize for any inconvenience and will resume all affected services when the merge is complete.

and this update:

Lucan will be coming offline at 9pm PST [05:00 GMT]  to prepare for the merge.

Destiny of Velious Webcast #4 Set for Friday February 18 @ 4:00pm PST

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Upcoming Dev Chat Webcast #4:

This Friday, February 18th, members of the EQII Development Team will join us again to give an exclusive tour of Destiny of Velious!

  • Friday, February 18 at 4:00 pm PST [Midnight-1:00 GMT on Feb 19]: Live Tour of Destiny of Velious! Join members of the EQII team for a live walkthrough of the new expansion. Producer Dave “Smokejumper” Georgeson and Game Designer Paul “Cronyn” Molina will be on hand to give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Destiny of Velious.

Tune in on Facebook or on Stickam to watch the fourth webcast this Friday!

Also, don’t miss our Destiny of Velious Launch Day Webcast on Tuesday, February 22nd, from 7:00 am PST [15:00 GMT] until 9:00 am PST [17:00 GMT], where we’ll interview members of the EQII Team and count down to the opening of the servers!

EQ2X’s Freeport Server Buckling — Time for 2nd Free-to-Play Server?

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Despite prophecies and predictions declaring EQ2X overpriced and underdelivered, it seems EQ2X’s popularity has nonetheless led it to be a victim of its own success in recent weeks. Several threads on the EQ2X forums about server crashes, instability, and lag have been created which got some reaction from SmokeJumper. Currently, EQ2X runs on but a single server called Freeport.

After the jump, responses from SmokeJumper

Response on Direct Debit as a Payment Option

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I wanted to bring you an update on an issue we raised over the weekend regarding Direct Debit from your bank as a Payment Option for EQ2 Expansions, Subscriptions, and StationCash. Amnerys, EQ2 Community Manager, has raised the issue with the appropriate departments and is seeking an answer. There is no need to panic yet, as no orders have been cancelled or affected.

From the EQ2 Forums:

I am currently in talks with a few departments so we can get this straightened out.

It sounds like the option to use Direct Debit might be removed for purchasing SC going forward. It was the source of a lot of fraud (much more fraud than valid payments) and unfortunately we may lose that option because of it.

As for the pre-order and monthly subs, it seems like Direct Debit should still be an available option for those two types of purchases. I am getting clarification on that right now. Perhaps the messaging that you’re seeing on your confirmation pages is unclear. It is our standard practice to charge for the expansion on the day it launches, but I will make sure that we get a definite answer on whether or not the Direct Debit charges will go through for those purchases.

Thanks for your patience while I work all this out!

February 15, 2011 Update Notes

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Here are your February 15, 2011 Update Notes from the EQ2 Forums:


  • An issue that stops ambient characters in city zones from wandering has been fixed.
  • ‘Follow’ should once again be an option on group member’s right-click menu.


  • Sister Thog Macgilly will now update the quest “Premonitions of Disaster” even while Erollisi Day is being celebrated.
  • Creatures within the Shard of Love now have a significantly higher chance of dropping love loot while Erollisi Day is being celebrated.

Destiny of Velious Prelude Event Wrapping Up

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From Cronyn on the EQ2 Forums:

Heya guys!

I just wanted to let you know that as I shut down the EXP07 prelude event, I’m adding the books available on it to the merchant lists for the sages in Freeport and Qeynos, so they’ll be available if you didn’t get a chance to run through the event.

Also, I FINALLY added part three of the Zul’Urid story to the merchant lists as well – I had meant to do this ages ago, but kept forgetting to do so (I’m old! What’cha going to do?), but it’s up there now.

Anyway, let me know if there’s anything that should be there that isn’t, and I’ll look into it, and will get anything that needs to be there up. Hopefully before the NEXT prelude event in any case.

Anyway, just a heads up for you all – especially you book collectors.

Direct Debit/Bank Payment Option Phaseout?

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In an alarmist posting on the EQ2 Forums, Moonflake of Splitpaw has brought to our attention the disappearance of the Bank Transfer and Direct Debit payment option for purchasing StationCash, monthly Subscriptions, and the upcoming Velious expansion. Bank Transfer may seem unusual in the US for a small amount such as StationCash, subscription, or an expansion, but Bank Transfers and Debit cards are both common means of making even small purchases in Europe.

Payment Options page in Germany (before the changes) showing Bank Transfer (upper right) and Direct Debit (center left).

Notes from Destiny of Velious Feb 11 Webcast #3

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Here are some notes from Friday night’s live Webcast of Rich Waters, Dave “SmokeJumper” Georgeson and Salim “Silius” talking about the upcoming Destiny of Velious expansion, including player-submitted questions. Getting into the mechanics and itemization changes, we get very close to a full transcription as there is a lot of detail and information here. We recommend listening to the webcast to get a complete picture of what was said.

Some bullet points:

  • The EQ2 team have the next year of Game Updates planned out with more group zones, raid zones, heritage quests, etc. The first Game Update will add more dungeons.
  • Items will become a lot more modular and straightforward, with procs largely moved to adornments.
  • Group players in Sentinel’s Fate should be able to jump right into grouping in Velious such as Tower of Frozen Shadow.
  • Casual raiders in Sentinel’s Fate may want to test the waters with the contested Kael Drakkel dungeon which falls right before the easier raid content.
  • High-level raiders who are already doing Underfoot Depths should be able to move into the easier raid zones in Velious without grouping, although Kael Drakkel is a good stepping stone.
  • Silius went into detail on the new Adornment scheme including a new type of adornment War Runes.
  • We won’t see new Battlegrounds gear or other PvP content until the Game Update after Velious.
  • A new mechanic on mobs (NPCs) called Critical Avoidance which means you’ll need well over 100% Crit Chance to succeed harder dungeons and raids. This effect reduces your crit (including healing!).
  • Flying mounts start at level 86.
  • On March 1st, everyone will be able to fly as a live event. The gnomes are putting in experimental test pilot tracks in Lavastorm, Tenebrous Tangle, and Butcherblock. You’ll be able to grab a tinkered craft and run through the race against time.

EQ2Mission: Track Named Mobs for AA

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Launched in January 2011, this new fan site looks promising for players who would like to track  named mobs for alternate achievement progress and keep track of daily missions.  EQ2Mission will not only keep track of which named mobs you have killed, but suggest others in a zone that you might have missed.

Still a work in progress, the author, Quicktiger on Antonia Bayle, has been steadily growing his database.  The site also promises to track items needed, such as master spells and recipe books, as well as the best food and drink choices for your characters. Quicktiger’s site lists daily missions, with the added ability to view future and past missions. The site requires the user to install a logging client.

Find EQ2Mission at

Destiny of Velious Webcast #3 Video Online

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(left to right) Greg Agius [EQ2 Brand Manager] interviews Rich Waters [EQ2 Lead Designer], Dave “SmokeJumper” Georgeson [EQ2 Senior Producer] and Salim “Silius” [EQ2 Developer, Itemization], about the upcoming Destiny of Velious expansion including reader questions.

Upcoming Dev Chat Webcasts:

This Friday, February 18th, members of the EQII Development Team will join us again to talk about itemization in Destiny of Velious. This will be the last in our series of four Live Webcasts leading up to the Destiny of Velious launch! Be sure to tune in to learn more about the upcoming features and get the scoop straight from the people who work on EQII every day.

  • Friday, February 18 at 4:00 pm PST: Topic TBA

Topics will be announced soon. Tune in on Facebook or on Stickam to watch the fourth webcast this Friday!

Submit your Questions on the EQ2 Forums

Destiny of Velious Lore: Thurgadin

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Established by Dain Frostreaver the First after the coldain were driven from their city in the Crystal Caverns, Thurgadin has served as the home for the coldain dwarves for hundreds of years.  Nestled within the northnernmost mountains of the Great Divide, Thurgadin has protected the coldain from relentless attacks, and acted as a welcoming and secure place for many adventurers who visited Velious in the past.  However, the noble city was always under threat, as the Kromrif were determined to wipe the coldain off the face of Velious.

Continue reading at…

Massively Livestream Tonight, Upcoming Player Events and Community Party

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A ton of in-game events are coming up, including some run by media sites, some run by players, and some by the Community Relations Team! Have you made plans to attend yet?

Massively Livecast – EverQuest II: Saturday, Feb 12, 9:00 p.m. EST

This week, Karen from Massively will take a closer look at the mentoring system in EverQuest II. She’ll cover the basics of how to mentor down in level, highlight the chronomage system, and then take a trip into Deathfist Citadel, a lower-level instance from the original EverQuest II that remains one of her favorite zones. Let’s hunt some orc! Click here for the Livestream link!

Check out for more details of the upcoming Player Events on Antonia Bayle and Lucan D’Lere, as well as the Community events on Feb 15th and 17th.

Webcast Issues

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Sorry folks. Fought with the asinine sound control panel in Windows 7 for over an hour. Could not get it to record it’s own output. Recording Wave Out is 2 clicks on my XP laptop, but it crashed this evening after 7w3d2h without rebooting. Oops.

Last week, SOE got the webcast up on YouTube within 90 minutes so maybe they’ll be quick on the draw again.

Also there will be another webcast hosted by Massively’s Karen B. tomorrow night.

Tserrina’s Wedding Present effect Revealed

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If you have been holding out on buying the Destiny of Velious Collector’s Edition wondering what the ‘special effect’ on the house item ‘Tserrina’s Wedding Present
‘ is, now we know. From the EQ2 Forums:

The item has the same buff as “The Spear of Sentries”, the deity prelude award for Marr.  It is house placeable only (not guildhall), but has no recharge time, and can be used by anybody who visits the house.

Massively, MMORPG Land Exclusive Screen Shots, Interviews

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MMO news conglomerates Massively and have scored exclusive interviews and screen shots of the upcoming EQ2 expansion Destiny of Velious.

If we or any other EQ2-specific fan site is provided with screen shots or other  content, we’ll be sure to let you know.

SOE Adjusts Prices for Australia, UK

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After previous indications that only Australia’s pricing of Destiny of Velious was being looked into, today brings the news that UK pricing will see an adjustment as well. From the EQ2 Forums:

UK Customers:

The DoV collector’s edition is now priced at 44.99GBP. The standard edition remains at 29.99GBP. Both prices include the required 20% VAT Tax.

Australia Customers:

The DoV collector’s edition is now priced at 67.95AUD. The standard edition is now priced at 45.95AUD.

NOTE: Customers who have already pre-ordered will be charged at the new lower rate.

Do the Math

With this change, the UK now has complete parity with the US on the pricing of the Destiny of Velious Collector’s Edition:

$60 + 20% VAT = $72.

£44.99 = $71.90.

Europe and Australia are still a bit higher, about $5-8. And this does not take monthly subscriptions or StationCash into effect, which have long since been overpriced.

We applaud this change to fair pricing, and would have willingly held Wednesday’s article for comment had we known this news was coming.

Update Notes for Feb 10th — Love Actually

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After yesterday’s update activated the Erollisi Day event, some players were reporting crashing issues in Halas. Others reported issues in Antonica as players were able to spawn unlimited gazebos. An interim fix for the Halas issue was implemented, with today’s update providing a more permanent solution. Also, last year’s quests are now repeatable. All of the issues with Erollisi Day were spelled out in this thread.

SOE Responds to International Pricing Differences

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The American prices for the Destiny of Velious digital downloads are well known — the regular edition is $39.99, while the collector’s edition runs $59.99. We are very happy to see that the days of preferential treatment for the Retail version are over. Last year’s 7 day retail headstart and the confusion leading up to the launch for European customers was the source of much frustration, so we are quite satisfied with this year’s simplified options. So then all is wine and roses, right?

Well, it may surprise American players to learn that customers in some other countries are seeing prices up to 33% higher for the collector’s edition than US customers are seeing. Here is the current pricing for the digital collector’s edition outside of the US:

  • UK current price is £49.99. That’s $79.96 USD, a 33.3% markup.
  • Europe current price is €54,99. That’s $74.90 USD, a 24.9% markup.
  • Australia current price is $74.95 AUS. That’s $74.18 USD, a 23.7% markup.
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