Itemization Changes on Test

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If you just can’t wait for Thursday to see what (if any) changes you’ll see to your gear, you may be interested in these additional Test Update Notes (beyond the notes already posted on Tuesday):


  • Dungeon dropped loot has had its power increased.
  • Dungeon shard armor has had its power increased.
  • Raid items have had their power increased.
  • The gap in power between easy and challenge mode raid items has been increased.
  • The power of a few War Runes has been increased.

Silius brought this to our attention:

Just a heads up that test server should have the biggest chunk of the item increase on it now. If you want to test copy and check it out your feedback is appreciated.

After Promise of Gear Boosts (and No Nerfs), Nerfs!

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After posting a promising thread on Friday entitled “Upcoming Itemization Changes (No Nerfs)“, it seems SmokeJumper has gotten egg on his face today. Players logged in after today’s Tuesday Game Update to find sweeping nerfs and huge reductions in the effectiveness of Velious gear across the line, especially Fighter items.

In a cantankerous discussion on the EQ2 forums, players linked numerous items which underwent substantial losses in stats and desirability. SmokeJumper initially tried to defend the changes with:

Please go back and take a look at my original post. I did say that we were being “intentionally conservative” with these changes and that this we’re likely to do a second pass after judging the impact of the first changes. Hang in there.

When cornered about why today’s update included all nerfs and no buffs:

I’m the wrong guy to try to answer your questions, but I’ve forwarded this thread to those in charge of itemization and they’ll write a response soon. There weren’t supposed to be nerfs, so I’m trying to find out why that occurred.

The full explanation, and our commentary about EQ2 Itemization after the jump…

Bristlebane Day and Red Shinies

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If you are a level 80+ Master Crafter who has completed the Tradeskill Epic, this post by Domino may interest you:

Epic crafters, you might want to visit the tradeskill society in your home town while Bristlebane Day is with us. The grand jester has been having some fun with red collectibles for the season…

Players immediately noticed that every red shiny was dropping just one item. It seems there’s something else you have to do to get the others.

DoV Dungeons Getting Tune-Up: Less Crawl More Haul

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From SmokeJumper on the EQ2 Forums:

We’re making some changes to make dungeons more attractive to players in DoV. We’re adjusting base pop and boss health so that the dungeons take less time to complete so they’re more fun for folks, as well as to allow more frequent chances at boss loot drops on revisits. We’re also making a few changes so that bosses don’t wipe parties so easily since they seem to be a bit tougher than we’d originally planned.

We’re approaching these changes conservatively so that we don’t overshoot the mark. If these changes don’t do the trick, we’ll probably do another round of small changes later. But the overall goal is to make the dungeons more attractive for everyone.

P.S., These are not the only fixes we’re making for tomorrow’s hot fixes, but we wanted to call these changes out specially because those of you that gave up on dungeons because they were too challenging for the payoffs you were getting may want to give it another go now.

In Brief: Client Crashes, EQ2 Still Runs Oracle, Chairspotting

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Client Crashes FIX!

If you have had your fill of “ has stopped responding” errors, Rothgar seems to have finally gotten to the bottom of this one:

We think we’ve finally tracked down a bug that has been happening for awhile and leading to client crashes and the “EQ2 has stopped responding” problem. I can’t guarantee that this fixes EVERY problem out there, but it certainly fixes the most common crash we’ve been seeing lately.

This should get pushed out with next week’s hotfix along with some performance improvements to public quests!

GU60: PvP Changes

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EQ2 PvP Guru Olihin has given PvPers a taste of Game Update 60:

GU60 will bring lots of changes to PvP.

  • Fame is being reworked
  • Fame and title gains will now have their own EXP BAR, no more trying to figure out how long or why you gain/lost a title
  • New armor and adornments
  • Ongoing balance changes (this will never stop and will never be perfect in any realistic way)
  • New Battleground
  • Enhancements to the Matchmaker for Battlegrounds
  • Cross faction communication

There will be more details as we get closer to GU60.

Splitpaw, Unrest Top New Hardware Reqs, Freeport (EQ2X) Now Largest Server

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When prodded about upgrading the graphics engine of EQ2, if not to improve the graphics, at least to address the spate of flickering graphics and shadows which seem to have plagued the game for some players (including me) since the launch of Velious.

SmokeJumper addressed this concern and others including graphical glitches and performance slowdowns in Public Quests:

We redirected our efforts yesterday to trying to resolve some of the PQ issues. We fixed one issue last night, and although I had been getting similar behavior to what you describe on my home rig, I couldn’t make that duplicate last night, so I’m hoping the improvement we made was a good one. (Admittedly, I was still turning my graphics down to High Performance when multi-raid groups were in the PQ area.) We’re not done yet and there will be more improvements next week.

Engine improvements are also on our list for this year. Those definitely take time to accomplish but there are some obvious things we should do to bring the engine up to par with other modern engines.

Server upgrades are something we want to complete also. In the last six months, we’ve upgraded Antonia Bayle, Crushbone, Nagafen, and Freeport because they were the most highly populated servers. Since the merges, it’s obvious that Splitpaw and Unrest (at least) need upgrades also, and we would like to just go ahead and upgrade all of the remaining worlds. Budget requests have been made.

Stay hopeful.

Upcoming Itemization Changes (Not Nerfs!)

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If you have run a few Destiny of Velious dungeons (and raids), compared the loot/gear to Public Quests, and said aloud “no me comprende”, this should be a good week.

From SmokeJumper on the EQ2 Forums:

We are bumping up the power of Velious dungeon and raid items. We’re doing this to make those items more competitive when compared with Public Quest items, because instances are tougher than the PQs and deserve better rewards. This does include shard armors.

We are also going to bump up the power of hard-mode raid loot so hard modes are even more rewarding, as they require significant time and effort to beat. NOTE: This doesn’t include war runes since they are already quite powerful.

The net result of these changes makes dungeons and raids a bit more rewarding and also balances things out so that people with a full public quest set will be able to find solid item upgrades in dungeons.

These changes will occur next week sometime. If they happen sooner than that, we’ll let you know.

Public Quest ‘Participation’ Detector Snags Genuine Effort

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Let’s Be Honest…

Public Quests completed even at the highest “x4 raid” level demand neither the coordination nor the discipline of any of the raid content in the last 3 expansions. Storm Gorge requires a little more focus than Ring War, but generally speaking, 24-40 players standing in the right place, killing the right mobs, in the right order, stand to inherit a wagonload of Legendary gear with Yellow adornment slots, all without such challenges as timing AOEs, switching to an Off-Tank, agro-juggling, or any complex strategy. The biggest enemy encountered is usually Server Lag.

Public Quests offer a speedy alternate route to gearing up for players who largely skipped Sentinel’s Fate, are gearing up alts, or just aren’t interested in more solo questing (although as we found, the Othmir questline writing, structure, and payoff are all above average and keep the obvious time sinks to a minimum).

So what’s to stop players from logging in alts, parking them near the scene of a Public Quest, and going to get a coffee while their toon “earns” amazing gear? Apparently not enough. While we have taken issue with certain players who spend an awful lot of time critiquing how others play the game and all the ways in which those methods are unfair or unbalancing, even we would be foolish to defend standing around AFK in a Public Quest all while earning Legendary or Fabled gear. We believe its in everyone’s interest that your favored MMO have a long-term plan besides “More dungeons and more lootz in the next Game Update!” Gameplay that allows leapfrogging most of the content progression is disruptive for the game. Velious has got to last us the next year, and as robust as the Game Updates may end up being, the end of the treadmill should never be visible.

Chronoportals — A Stitch in Time

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Many of EverQuest 2′s most dedicated players owe their gameplay roots to the original EverQuest and still carry strong memories of the patience and community the original game required. Soloing was almost unheard of. Camping mobs for hours (or days), the difficulties and perils of travel, and contested spawns of much-needed named mobs were all experiences players would not soon forget. It sure was a different game before WoW forced all MMOs to become approachable and remove any aspect that might be considered as a “waste” of the player’s time.

When we heard about Chronoportals, a live event running on EQ2 servers that celebrates EverQuest’s 12 year anniversary by bringing players back to an earlier time to experience memorable encounters from before the Shattering, we hoped that the event might go that extra mile and include a real impression of how the world looked in EverQuest, and revisit some of the original zones.

SmokeJumper on Game Update Frequency

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If multiple updates per week have been getting on your nerves, SmokeJumper has something to say:

I’m sorry that these updates have been bothering you. We’ve made a conscious decision to be as responsive to issues from our recent release as possible, fixing any issues or exploits found as quickly as possible and then getting those out to the Live servers so that your gameplay is as great as possible.

They will be reducing in frequency after this week.

In Case You Missed It: Housing, Graphics, and Network Status

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In the run up towards Game Update 60, there are several things of note regarding Player Housing and Graphics that we’ve been meaning to cover. These include House Item Limit Expanders, Prestige Houses, the Network Status Page, and also a tip of the hat to Ryan “Imago-Quem” F. who has moved on to PlanetSide 2 and incoming graphics guru Alex “GermInUSA” who continues to polish up the EQ2 graphics engine while adding new features.

Kraytoc’s Fortress of Rime x4 Doors

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Yesterday marked the one month anniversary of the launch of Destiny of Velious. Over the last month, we have seen an avalanche of bugs impacting progression with dungeons and raid zones alike throughout Velious. While these have been steadily fixed during the nearly daily updates, at least one issue remains unresolved: The series of doors in Kraytoc’s Fortress of Rime x4 raid zone. It seems that these doors can get locked due to wipes, zone resets, etc.

Discuss this on the EQ2 Forums

GU60: Berserkers Getting Some Love

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In response to a concise Berserker Class Issues post-Velious thread created by Bremer, Xelgad said that we should see some of these fixes hopefully before but at the latest by Game Update 60:

Hey guys, thanks for the thread!

We’ve got a bunch of quick fixes for these issues on the way. They’ll be live by GU60 at the latest.

Most of the changes are pretty straightforward and some are exactly as suggested here.

and later in the thread, Xelgad posted that he was able to make Death’s Door a more prominent effect to allow healers to more easily see when it’s up.

Cross-Faction Communication Coming to PvP?

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From Rothgar on the EQ2 Forums:

We’re always looking at ways to improve the fun factor on PvP servers and one point that comes up occasionally is how we handle cross-faction communication. Currently each faction has their own language and there’s no way to communicate other thing minor things like pet names, etc.

We are considering opening up public channels to cross-faction chat and wanted to find out how the community would feel about that. We understand that chat in PvP can get pretty heated but also feel that taunting your opponents and being taunted is part of the PvP experience.

Coming Up Short on Critical Mitigation

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As we first discovered in our Critical Oversight in Public Quests Gear? article, the progression from solo quest gear, to Public Quest gear, to Group Instance gear, and on to Raid gear, has not made a whole lot of sense. In particular, Critical Mitigation has been all over the map.

Silius has announced some upcoming changes in the Critical Mitigation numbers of various gear throughout the Velious itemization range.

March 23, 2011 Update Notes

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Today’s Update Notes for March 23, 2011, launch the Chronoportals event as well as tweaking how mounts with a number of charges work. I have corrected the notes to indicate 10 AM PDT and 17:00 GMT for US servers as the US is already on Daylight Savings but Europe is not (until Sunday the 27th of March).


  • Chronoportals have opened in multiple locations across Norrath!  They are said to lead to an ancient time.  These phenomena are being researched by Chronomancers who will reward adventurers brave enough to venture inside.
    • Event Start Times:
      • US Servers: 10 AM PDT [17:00 GMT]
      • International Servers: 9PM PDT [March 24 @ 05:00GMT]
    • Known issues (to be fixed on 3/24):
      • Allizewsaur does not have his sounds fully implemented.
      • Quillmane has a stutter in its wings when it is descending.


  • Mount whistles with a limited number of charges will no longer remove the mount buff when the last charge is consumed.

Customer Service Webcast on March 24th @ Stickam

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Have you ever wanted to meet the person that’s helped you out in-game? Do you have a question for them? Well now’s your chance! We are going to cover a variety of topics in this week’s webcast,featuring members of the SOE Customer Service team! Join us on Thursday, March 24, 2011, at 4:00 p.m. PST [Friday March 25 @ 0:00 GMT], as we live stream this webcast on the SOE channel on Stickam! You can also tune in through the Stickam tab on our Facebook page. The webcast is expected to last about 20 minutes.

Kael Drakkel Trash Drops Delayed

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You may have noticed this little tidbit in today’s patch notes:

Kael Drakkel

  • Base Population in the contested dungeon now has legendary and fabled drops.

With this information you may be thinking of heading in there and trying your hand at killing some of the level 92 mobs to see what kind of trash drops you can get.  Not so fast!  Raviel on Guk apparently had the same idea and didn’t have the best of luck

Raviel@Guk wrote:

so ive been in here for about 2 hours now. wheres the trash gear we were promised?

Kander responded with this:

The hotfix said it was added, however it was not. We will try to have that corrected as soon as possible.

I am extremely disapointed myself.

Sorry about that all.

Guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer before seeing those trash drops.

A Deity Revamp Hath Been Foretold

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Continuing the Windslasher News Network reports… ;)

I’m pleased to report that a deities revamp is, in fact, on the schedule. I can’t make any promises on when it will happen, though, because it’s not up to me.

I can tell you that the [deity] pet stats are likely to be fixed before the full revamp, though. So expect a change Soon™.

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