Sentinel’s Fate Mechanics Q&A

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Timetravelling created a thread on the EQ2 Forums regarding the Sentinel’s Fate Mechanics Changes. With all the changes to primary stats, lifting of various caps on bonuses, etc. there have been a lot of questions and this thread has started to answer them. Here are some updates:

  • Updated the Aggression question with info about other skills (yes, they work the same way)
  • Updated the base stat uncap section with more detailed information (new curve starts @ 1200, after that a 30% stat increase = ~ a 10% gain in effectiveness)
  • Added several more questions to the end of the post

The list of questions in that thread keep growing and timetravelling is continuing to update the first post in the thread with any answers he finds. It’s worth a read.

EQ2 Artist Profile: Tad Ehrlich

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Tad Ehrlich is a lead artist on the EQ2 Development team. He was a major part of the creation of the zone art for the beautiful Vasty Deep zones. Some excerpts:

How did you get started in the industry?

I began in comic books and worked as a colorist for Wildstorm, Jim Lee’s comic book company. I was very fortunate to land in an industry that I was extremely passionate about and had amazing people to learn from. My experience there led to me starting as a texture artist at Midway. The rest is history!

What are some of the other areas you’ve done the art for in EQII?

The first instance I did was Nu’roga and then I did all the Guk instances for the last expansion.

Do you draw on elements from the other EverQuest games for EQII?

If the zone is based off a previous zone from Everquest 1 then I make sure to do some research. At the very least I’d like a player who comes in to the zone and has experience in the first Everquest to say “Hey!! I recognize that!!”

Check out the profile and interview with him at EQ2Players.

Battlegrounds Hub?

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When you complete a Battlegrounds match, your character is whisked away back to your home server. Some players have been curious if a Battlegrounds Hub had been considered. This would be a lobby area where players can stay put on the Battlegrounds server and immediately jump into another battle if they wish. The issues here are that Battlegrounds servers have many many features turned off including global and guild chat. Adding a Battlegrounds lobby would require additional coding work. From Rothgar on the EQ2 Forums:

We talked about this idea early on in battlegrounds development but our thoughts were that you’d want to stay connected with your existing guild and friends as much as possible. Due to the communication restrictions between the worlds, if the Battlegrounds world were more of a destination, people would seem even more cutoff from the rest of the game.

However, I’m encouraged by the fact that all of these responses seem positive to the idea and not any negative reactions. But for this to work, we would have to solve many of the communications issues and do a lot more cleanup on the BG world.

We are working on ways to improve the zoning times when you move between the worlds so hopefully that will make zoning faster. We also have plans to try to open up guild chat and some other forms of communication between the worlds but there isn’t an ETA on that yet.

Thanks again for the feedback and ideas.

March 2nd 2010 Hotfix & EQ2Wire On the Road

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Battlegrounds Issues

Battlegrounds were taken offline last night due to zoning problems they seemed to be causing on other servers. I want to reiterate that in thousands of Battlegrounds transactions, only a handful of players experienced corruption of their characters, and those are being resolved quickly by Customer Service. Battlegrounds should be brought back online today with Rothgar and other devs closely watching their performance.

EQ2Wire On the Road

EQ2Wire will be on the road today and tomorrow so updates may be a bit slower than usual.

Here are your March 2, 2010 Hotfix notes (after the jump)

City Festival Rolls into Neriak

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The City Festival has rolled into its third destination since these Festivals began in January. The first event was in Kelethin, then Gorowyn. Today, the City Festival arrives just outside the gates of the city of all things dark and gloomy — Neriak.

Once again, a selection of both local and traveling rewards, house items, and temporary costumes become available.

The theme for Neriak seems to be all things blue. Here’s a sneak of what you can purchase with City Tokens for the next week, before the event rolls on to the next city:

Battlegrounds & Oasis Issues, and Forum Moderation

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Battlegrounds vs. Oasis

Battlegrounds were locked this afternoon/evening due to significant lag and zone time issues. The servers were also rebooted. However the biggest issue is that Oasis is almost unplayable for some players.

This quote from the EQ2 Forums:

We’re aware of the problems facing the Oasis server right now and several people are working on it.  It will be addressed more fully tomorrow when everyone is back in the office and I’m sure we’ll have more information then.  There is an active thread on the Oasis server forum.

Character Corruption

A few players are reporting sporadic issues with losing AAs, levels, gear, etc. after lagging out from playing in Battlegrounds. I and others have played Battlegrounds and not had issues, so this seems pretty random issue. Sometimes, I did have a 5-10 minute wait leaving the Battleground and being sent back to my home server, but saw no other issues.

A Word about Forum Moderation

When I started using the EQ2 Forums I remember how intolerant the moderators were towards differing opinions and constructive criticism. Any kind of useful feedback was deleted and members banned for expressing themselves. I just plain stopped posting there. I, along with thousands of other players, moved to EQ2Flames.

It is only under Kiara‘s guidance that the EQ2 forums clawed their way back to being a place where constructive criticism is allowed and players are truthful about their favorite parts as well as the major issues within EQ2. She has fought at every turn to allow players to speak their mind.

Do I think Kiara is perfect? Of course not. Nobody is. But in my 9 years experience in moderating 2 other forums, I think she’s doing a damn good job.

And yet, in the past couple of months, I have noticed unbelievable hostility towards her, blaming her for EQ2 development choices, database issues, expansion launch pains, etc. I see people shooting off at the mouth about things they don’t even understand.

But what has really turned my stomach is when I heard about players gloating to their friends that they reported her to her supervisor.

You know, I manage to post on the EQ2 Forums and express EXACTLY what I feel I need to say about all of the shortcomings and problems at SOE and the EQ2 development, and I manage to do so without getting banned. And when Kiara has done something I’ve disagreed with, I’ve told her. We’ve had some pretty heavy conversations. ;)

But really, if someone out there is too chickenshit to resolve their issues with Kiara, why don’t you send *me* a mail here on EQ2Wire. You might learn something.

I’ve fallen into The Hole and can’t get up! (EQ2 Forums Contest)

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Remember those awesome Player-made Paintings for the 5th anniversary of EverQuest II Timeless Heroes celebration? Brasse has put together a player contest on the EQ2 Forums to win a set of these house items!

The Challenge: We want your best screenshot of (and a brief description of the event) you falling to your death in The Hole. This is inspired by Brasse happily going splat many times in both EQ and EQII!

Deadline: Friday, March 12th 2010 at 10:00am PST
Submissions for this challenge will be accepted until Friday, March 12th, 2010 at 10:00 am US PST. Winners will be announced the week of March 15th.
Reward: The reward for this challenge is a set of the in-game paintings from the Timeless Heroes contest.

Check out this contest on the EQ2 Forums.

EQII Developer Chat March 4, 2010

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Y’all are cordially invited to the next exciting EQII ZAM Developers Chat!  Members of the EverQuest II Developer and Community Teams will be there, bring your questions!  If you’d like to submit questions in advance, send e-mail to (subject Dev Chat).

  • Thursday, March 4 @ 5:00pm PDT (8:00pm EDT; 01:00 GMT; 02:00 Copenhagen)
  • In the #EQ2 channel on ZAM IRC
  • General chat during the actual event will be in #EQ2FFA

New to Allakhazam IRC?  Instructions here! Or use EQ2Wire’s EQII ZAM Chat portal.

Check out this Time Zone Converter to help you find what time to sign in.

source: EQ2 Forums

February 26 Issues

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It seems there were some instability issues with the Login servers this morning. Players currently logged into their various servers are able to stay logged in, but players wanting to login cannot. No servers are reported as down according to the Network Status page.

We do not yet have today’s Hotfix notes, however players are reporting that Marks of Manaar (the new SF heroic gear shards) are dropping again from enemies in SF dungeons.

We’ve now heard word (EQ2 Forums) about the the repeatable faction quests in The Hole not granting any XP. The XP these quests produce has been reduced, and limited to one repeat per day, in preceding hotfixes. However yesterday’s hotfix removed any XP whatsoever for completing these quests.

Also Research Assistants are currently showing as not researching the last spell they were asked to.  Players are advised not to reset and request another spell, but to wait for this display bug to be fixed. (EQ2 Forums).

Battlegrounds Character Recovery Progress

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From Rothgar on  EQ2 Forums:

Customer Service has made these petitions their highest priority and they are restoring players as fast as they can. In the meantime, Battlegrounds is working fine now. It only took a few minutes this morning to bring them down after the problem, fix the configs and bring them back up.

CS is also manually restoring your XP and AA’s rather than doing a rollback of your character. So you should be safe to continue playing while you wait for them to answer your petition.

Battlegrounds AA/Level Issues Petition

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To deal with the AA/Level loss from players who jumped into Battlegrounds, we’ve heard from Rothgar on the EQ2 Forums:

There will be no server-wide rollback.  This problem affected about 200 users and rolling each back individually will be much less intrusive than taking down every world and rolling back all of their databases.

Please be sure to petition if you lost AA or XP due to battlegrounds.


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Minutes after Battlegrounds went live on U.S. servers we are already hearing reports from players of numerous problems when their characters reach the Battlegrounds servers and further problems upon returning to their home servers. Reports include:

  • Alternate Advancement (AA) points are being reset to 200 points.
  • Any percentage gain over your level (for example level 88 with 90% to level 89) is lost.
  • AA trees are completely reset.
  • Macros that use AA-derived spells do not work on Battlegrounds.

At this point, we are advising players to NOT touch Battlegrounds until they are fixed.

Stat Caps and Consolidation

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If you read our coverage of Game Update 55 including Consolidated Stats and Primary Stat Changes and have checked out the EQ2Wire Mega-FAQ, you’re probably fully up to speed on the changes to Stats, Stat Consolidation, etc.

But if not, or you want to hear it from the source, timetravelling has posted a thread which covers these topics. He’s received several questions after the fact, so it’s likely that his writeup will continue to evolve.

Sentinel’s Fate Digital Download Arrives Fashionably Late

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So today marks the release of the Digital Download in North America and Canada. For those unfortunate souls who couldn’t get their hands on a retail copy, your expansion begins today.

Do you really miss anything by being a week late? Well, there are those server discoveries (which EQ2Players isn’t tracking properly). And there’s the chance of making a lot of plat being first to sell shinies, tradeskilled materials, rare items, etc.

We have received player reports but have not yet empirically confirmed ourselves that there may have been some monkeying around with how combat XP is converted to AA XP. This may be a bug, an oversight, or it may in fact be an intended change. But for now, if these player observations are true, then players joining the expansion today will not be following in their fellow player’s footsteps of briskly earning AAs and picking up levels 2 at a time. Here’s what we know…

Test Server is back online!

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Players who do all of their gameplay on Test (and work hard to find and report any bugs they find) were rather concerned about the idea that Test would be down for “a couple of days”. Fortunately, Windslasher has reported in:

Test is now unlocked. Thanks for waiting!

Glip the Gnome also chimed in:

The Test Server is open and ready for business. We just wanted to be super careful that the potential corruption issue relating to battlegrounds affected as few characters as possible.

Antonia Bayle, Bazaar, and Sebilis came up after approximately 3 1/2 hours. We’ll see a similar situation on Thursday when the servers come down for another hotfix (possibly patching Battlegrounds) but Butcherblock, Lucan D’Lere, and Nagafen will be down for additional time. We’ll let you know when we have more exact downtimes.

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