Velious Solo Gear Options Grow With GU60

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Destiny of Velious provides many options for solo and duo players wishing to gear up without stepping into a heroic dungeon.

  • For starters, the Othmir and Snowfang quest lines reward gear that was unheard of except for raiders in Sentinel’s Fate.
  • Public Quests offer sets of gear, weapons, and more, with or without joining a group or raid provided enough players are present and successful.
  • A largely unknown solo/duo dungeon Crystalline Breaks provides additional gear up options.
  • And finally today sees the introduction of a Velious Solo Shard Quest to fill out player options for gearing up without a full group.

GU60: Surviving Drunder, Critical Mitigation is Serious Business

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Drunder and Critical Mitigation

The Shadow Odyssey introduced Critical Mitigation, a stat needed by players to survive the heavy hits of raid bosses and enemies. Sentinel’s Fate upped the numbers, but it was Destiny of Velious which rolled out Critical Mitigation to all group zones and even overland solo content.

The three new Drunder dungeons, new Citadel of V’uul x2 raid, and three new Drunder x4 raid zones are no exception and set alarming new standards for the amount of Critical Mitigation needed even to do heroic content.

Adding to the concern is that while mobs can be examined to see their Crit Bonus buff, this number has been traditionally 30-50% lower than the amount of Critical Mitigation actually needed to survive their attacks.

The high Critical Mitigation needs of Drunder are hardly a surprise as there was a lengthy thread on the Testing forums. Now that the Drunder zones are live, the discussion is playing out in two threads on the EQ2 forums.

After the jump, Kander and Gninja respond to player concerns and indicate that the number displayed when inspecting mobs will be adjusted to show the real Crit Bonus amount that players will need to gear up for.

GU60: Offhand Multiattack and More on BG Tokens

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Multi-attack Not Working on Offhand Weapons

In a two different forum threads, players reported that Offhand Weapons are not multiattacking unless their timing is staggered (use a combat art to interrupt one, or use weapons with two different delays). Zoltaroth‘s response:

We found what is causing this and are working on a fix. Most likely the fix will be in the next hotfix after tomorrows (ie: not tomorrow).

Battlegrounds Tokens for 2 Gold

For testing purposes, Battlegrounds Tokens were placed on the PvP Vendor for 2 gold a piece on Test Copy. Unfortunately, these cheap tokens made their way through to live and as a result, some players on Nagafen have stockpiled thousands of tokens. Some players have even transferred from other servers to Nagafen just to buy them. Olihin says this will be addressed:

This was not intended as stated and we are taking steps to resolve the issue. We appreciate the report and patience while this is resolved.

We thank those that had the restraint to NOT buy the tokens, since it was a bug that the token was there to begin with.

US Battlegrounds Restored

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As of about 30 minutes ago, an in-game message was received indicating that Battlegrounds have been restored to service. More as we have it…

Customer Service are still in the process of handling all those Petitions and support requests to un-stick characters that got stuck in the Battlegrounds Lobby.

GU60: Battlegrounds Disabled, AA XP Display, Other Known Issues

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Battlegrounds Disabled, Characters Stuck in Lobby

From the in-game EQ2 MOTD:

The Battlegrounds are temporarily unavailable. Attempting to zone into the BG lobby will cause your character to become stuck. Please refrain from going to Champion’s Respite until the battlegrounds are available once again! If you are currently stuck, please petition a GM. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Battlegrounds Tokens 2g on PvP

Players are reporting a bug that made it to the PvP servers (Nagafen and Vox) from Test causing Battlegrounds tokens to cost just 2 gold pieces on PvP servers. Who knows how many players will transfer to Nagafen for the nearly-free gear.

AA XP Display Bug

Players are reporting receiving the message “You convert 1 experience into AA experience!” with their AA slider set to 100%. This would seem to be a display error as I personally tested killing a few mobs and received the normal amount of AA XP (about 1/3% for a group of 3 mobs in Velious).

New Adornments System

So far, the new Adornments display is receiving mixed reviews.

New Public Quest in Eastern Wastes Postponed

During Destiny of Velious beta, there was a third Public Quest in Eastern Wastes. As it did not appear today with Game Update 60, we must assume that it has been delayed further.

Game Update 60 Goes Live Today

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Today, arguably the largest Game Update we’ve seen in years hits the live servers. Game Update 60 adds 4 new dungeons, 4 new raid zones, more crafting, more quests from a solo shard quest to a Heritage Quest, major changes to PvP from gear to itemization to mechanics, not only a new Battlegrounds lobby, but a 4th Battleground 18 vs. 18.

We are still waiting for the full list of Game Update Notes, but in the meantime, here’s just a quick bullet point list of what we can expect:

New Level 90 Dungeons and Raid Zones

The Crystal Caverns will naturally be familiar to those who adventured through Velious in EQ1.

The Fortress of Drunder consists of 3 new group dungeons, 3 new x4 raid zones with both regular and challenge modes, a new x2 raid zone, as well as a crafting zone. Drunder zones are only accessible via flying mount.

  • Drunder: Spire of Rage (group)
  • Drunder: Strategist’s Stronghold (group)
  • Drunder: Tower of Tactics (group)
  • Drunder: Citadel of V’uul (x2 raid)
  • Drunder: Sullon’s Spire (x4 raid)
  • Drunder: Tallon’s Stronghold (x4 raid)
  • Drunder: Vallon’s Tower (x4 raid)

GU60: Children of War Launches May 31st — 3 Hour Downtime

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The Children of War, or Game Update 60, will go live on Tuesday, May 31, 2011. The US servers will be offline at the usual Tuesday update time of 7:00 am PDT and are expected to be back online around 10:00 am PDT.

The update notes will be available in the Update Notes forum, and a feedback thread will be unlocked once the update has been completed on the US servers.

We’ll post any downtime updates in the Official News and Announcements “Server Downtime for the Children of War” thread.

GU60: Ratonga Becoming Neutral, Qeynos Events Planned

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If you firmly believe that all races and classes should be playable in all cities, today we are one step closer. Starting with Game Update 60 on May 31st, Ratonga will be tolerated welcomed in Qeynos and Kelethin.


Celebrate With the Ratonga: May 31 – June 6, 2011

Word is spreading fast among the citizens of Qeynos and its allies: ratonga have begun to openly enter the cities, and the guards are no longer turning them away at the gate. With Game Update 60: The Children of War, ratonga will now be considered a neutral race and may start life in any city of Norrath.

Poll: Are you Attending SOE Fan Faire 2011?

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EQ2Wire would like to know, will you attend Fan Faire 2011?

Do you have a question you’d like asked at Fan Faire by EQ2Wire? If so, post it in the Comments, or send us an e-mail!

Are you planning to attend Fan Faire this year on July 7-9, 2011 in Las Vegas?

If you are NOT attending Fan Faire 2011, why not? (skip if you are attending)

Which Fan Faires have you attended since 2004 (the year EQ2 was launched)?

If you ARE going to Fan Faire, what is the main reason? (skip if you are not attending)

Preview: New Thurgadin Grand Hall

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If you just can’t get enough of Thurgadin, City of the Coldain Dwarves in Velious, and wish you could take some of it home with you, take heart. The Thurgadin Grand Hall joins the Kromzek House as one of two new houses now on the Test and Test Copy servers.

The voluminous Thurgadin Grand Hall will make you wish indoor flying were possible, as the new house contains both the Remembrance Park and an enlarged version of the Mercantile area of the city of Thurgadin.

EQ2Wire Exclusive: SJ Talks About the Downtime, Game Update 60

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been a week and a half since EverQuest II service was restored, and harder still that EQ2 was offline for 12 days, an exceptional operational gap for a game modeled on “sticky” customers who login daily to check in on and advance their characters.

During the downtime, EQ2Wire wanted to give the EQ2 team an opportunity to come out from behind the bushes and share a bit of what they’ve been working on and maybe break some of the tension. After all, the EQ2 team had only just taken the wraps off 3 months of hard work by unveiling Game Update 60 on the Test servers. The Shutdown arrested feedback just a scant 72 hours after testing had begun.

The Sony/SOE security breach precipitated a communications blackout that fell over the company like a cone of silence, almost completely cutting off SOE from its customers. We submitted some questions a few days after the outage and are now able to share the responses with you. Due to the timing (and lawyers), there will be few revelations, but it’s still worth a read.

Check out SmokeJumper‘s responses to our questions after the jump…


Producer’s Letter: Welcome back to EverQuest II

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Hello, Norrathians!

We’re incredibly glad to have our worlds back online again and we really appreciate you all being so patient with us while we strengthened the castle walls.

It’s been quite odd working on the game without it running. We’re glad you’re back!

So, you’re probably wondering, “What has your Dev Team been doing for the last couple of weeks?”

Here’s a small list of things that happened during that time:

  • Figured out the Fan Faire panel details. The “New Stuff” panel is going to be a heck of a show this year, I think.
  • Continued brainstorming on a major new feature set (which we intend to unveil at Fan Faire.)
  • Detailed out the mechanics change plan for the coming year (we’ll be sharing these plans with you soon and think you will really like what we have in store.)
  • Worked out a very cool set of tradeskilling quest changes to make those more interesting.
  • Made a quick UI change to the AA trees so that unavailable abilities are greyed out. (Kind of a “no duh” change, but it’s nice.)
  • Freeport artwork concepting has been going well and the first architecture changes have started.
  • And of course, there’s a lot more, but details will roll out as we get closer to their release.

SOE Maintenance Notice: Thursday May 19, 2011

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Beginning at 7 AM PDT (15:00 BST, 16:00 CET) on Thursday May 19, 2011, the Login Server, SOE Account and Commerce flow and the Station Store will be unavailable due to maintenance. We expect this maintenance to take approximately 2 hours. This may also cause some forum accounts to temporarily lose permissions, due to the inability to verify account status while the maintenance is taking place. This is only temporary and normal permissions will return automatically once the maintenance is complete.

We apologize for this interruption and will resume all affected services as soon as the maintenance is completed.

Some Player-Written Books Still Uneditable Post-Merger

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An issue brought to my attention by Cyliena of EQ2 ZAM and Tuatha of involves Player-written books which have lost their Edit rights since the Server Merges last December. This is not an issue that has gotten much attention, but after 6 months, maybe it’s time to shine a bit brighter spotlight. Because the books are no longer editable, it’s not only impossible to edit them, but copying them is difficult as the text cannot be selected — it must be retyped word-for-word. This problem is being discussed on a thread on the EQ2 Forums.

From Cyliena:

My main character, Cyliena, has written four books. Of these, three of them she cannot edit or copy anymore. The only difference with the book I can still edit is that it’s one of the Frostfell greeting cards. The other three are using Strengthened Leather Notebook, Bristled Leather Notebook and Etched Leather Notebook. Other players on my server are having the same issue, will prod them to post their experiences as well.

edit: Figured I’d mention that I did not lose my name in the merge, nor was I ever in danger of losing it during the original EF name script error as EQ2Players shows that I’m the only Cyliena in existance.

From Tuatha:

I have 16 finished and half finished titles on 3 different characters that can not be copied or edited anymore after the Blackburrow-Everfrost merge. The 4th character has 3 titles that can still be edited and copied.

None of these characters lost their names in the merge.

EQ2X: Bronze and Silver Players Get Gold for 30 Days

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In an interesting turn of events, Bronze and Silver players of EQ2X are being given 30 days of Gold access as part of SOE’s “Make Good” program. You’ll recall that Bronze is the free-to-play level of service, while Silver pay a one-time fee. Although players of both Bronze and Silver levels can and do buy various race and item unlocks, some have played EQ2 entirely for free. From SmokeJumper on the EQ2X forums:

Hi, folks,

We don’t want the Silver and Bronze members to feel like they’re being left out in the cold on this Make Good program that we’re running currently. Gold and Platinum members are already receiving 45 days of membership for free. So we’re going to do something similar now for Silver and Bronze members.

Obviously, Silver and Bronze members don’t pay for subscriptions, so extending “free time” to them is meaningless. Therefore, for the next 30 days (starting today), we’re going to treat all Silver and Bronze members as if they are Gold members instead.

Thus, Silver and Bronze members have 30 days to use the broker freely, equip and use items, use any class packs, etc.

All Silver and Bronze members have all rights and privileges of Gold members until June 17th.


If you have been considering playing EQ2, I can’t think of a better offer. If only there was a way for EQ2X players to transfer their characters to the live servers.

Kander Asks: What EQ2 Zone Should Get a Heroic Version?

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If you follow EQ2 devs on Twitter, this is likely old news to you, but Kyle “Kander” Kyle Vallée has posed some questions:

What #EQII zone would you love to see revamped into new heroic content ?

Note, this would be an alternate version perhaps scaled up to level 90 as a “revisit” zone, just as  Nek Castle can be revisited at level 50 and 70. These changes would not affect the original zones. Here are some of his responses:

  • Estate of Unrest: “great the way it is”
  • Obelisk of Lost Souls: “not a bad idea”.
  • Rivervale: “does indeed need some love.”
  • Deathfist Citadel: “I think we need to do something “large” with the orcs!”
  • Overland Zones: “I was thinking more dungeon-y dungeon content, but I have seen a lot of requests for something in the overland style areas.”

During the Downtime: GU60, GU61, and Lower Levels

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While SOE and by extension EQ2 were offline during the 12 day downtime, what were the devs doing? Scrapbooking? Needlepoint? Actually, they continued work on Game Update 60 (now slated for a May 31st debut according to SmokeJumper) as well as looking ahead to Game Update 61 and beyond.

While players were not able to test Game Update 60, the developers have continued to polish it up and add new things while the servers were down, as well as addressing the feedback from players during the short testing period.

GU60: Adornments Get More Colorful

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We’ve been hearing about a new Adornments System in Game Update 60. System is perhaps too strong a word for what we’ve seen on Test. But the changes indeed help to visually distinguish adornments from other items which makes finding them in bags a lot easier.

Item Examine windows have seen a change, as adornment text has been replaced by subtle Adornment “badges” for each color the item supports. Adornments themselves have been given bold new icons which are unique, color-coded, and stand out from other items in both recipe books and inventory bags.

Your Feedback

Does this go far enough to make adornments easier to find and stand out among other items? Would you still like to see an Adornment Helper in-game that shows all the adornments and where they are available from?

Research Assistants Slacked Off During Break

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So it turns out that some Research Assistants took a little vacation while the servers were inaccessible and did not continue dutifully researching upgrades for all players. After thoroughly investigating the issue, SmokeJumper has posted the planned solution:

Hi, folks,

When we came back online, we intended that Research would have continued to tick along while the outage occurred, so that you all would come back with a fully researched spell. However, that didn’t happen. And there’s no real way to make it automatically happen.

So…in next Tuesday’s hotfix (2011.05.24) we will grant you five (5) potions, each of which will reduce the amount of time you need to research a spell by seven days. (35 days of reduction, total.)

You can apply those potions any way that you desire.


Here’s a screenshot of what these potions will look like:

Dragon Ring and Wizard Spire Event Hits Test

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If you’ve toured Destiny of Velious, you know of the unused Wizard Spire in the Eastern Wastes and abandoned Dragon Ring in the Great Divide. An upcoming live event, recently pushed to Test and Test Copy by Gninja, seeks to rebuild them. These events will be more like Public Quests than past events.

Both events share one currency [tokens] and currency can be obtained in two ways. There are blue collectibles that spawn around the event area. The number of collectibles vary based on the progress of the event. The second way is by defending the respective areas from the attacks that happen when the events kick off. When you enter the area you should receive a quest.

When the events kick off the area should be attacked by waves of attackers. Defeating these attackers and minimizing NPC casualties will reward progression. Allowing them to die will slow progression. As the events gets further in progression the difficulty of the waves will increase.

There is no planned tradeskill component to these events, without engaging in combat, there are options to acquire tokens. Gninja again:

The tokens also spawn around each of the areas as ground spawns like in Tinkerfest.

This event may go live with, or after Game Update 60, it’s not clear.

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