EQ2Wire Beta Tour of Sentinel’s Fate

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EQ2Wire got an invitation to go on a tour of the Sentinel’s Fate Beta with the lovely Christine “Kiara” Renzetti, EQII Community Manager, last month and we’re now able to post some screens and details of that tour. We were able to check out the hub city of Paineel, the sprawling open dungeon the Hole, the Vasty Deep Conservatory, and the Erudin Library.

EQ2_000097x EQ2_000059x

I believe the most stunning aspect and lasting appeal of Sentinel’s Fate will be the artwork.

EQ2_000494x The Shadow Odyssey artwork was not my favorite. I found the “void” look of purples, greys, and sharp edges just didn’t appeal to me. Also it seemed that many of the NPCs and monsters in these zones were not entirely new.

If you ask many players, I think they will tell you their favorite artwork in the game’s zones have been Kingdom of Sky and Pillars of Flame.

I think fans of that design will be thrilled to see Sentinel’s Fate make a return to the bright color palette and rich zone design of the past, while at the same time not simply recycling what we’ve seen before. The Conservatory is an eye-popping visual feast. As we saw at Fan Faire, the developers have been working hard to add completely new monster and NPC appearances.

One of my favorite parts of the Sentinel’s Fate zones I’ve seen so far is the influence of housing on zone design. Most dungeons in Sentinel’s Fate were laid out in a very “down to business” fashion. Long corridors full of monsters that need killing RIGHT NOW.

Sentinel’s Fate, as far as I have explored, seems to have a more “lived in” feel which I find very appealing.

Armor Appearances

This was not part of the Beta Tour, but we thought I’d throw in some screens of some of the armor I’ve seen in game. These are mostly the Raid armor sets from Sentinel’s Fate.

armor001x armor002x armor003x

Beta Tours Around the Interwebs

EQ2Wire is all about newsworthy rumors, scoops, announcements, and breaking news. But if you’d like to read a much more extensive Beta Tour, it’s worth checking out the Beta Tour at EQ2 ZAM by Calthine and Kain. Each of us have exclusive screen shots of Sentinel’s Fate.

Niami has also started to post her Beta Tour and Sentinel’s Fate Info. I know she has been working diligently to document all of the tradeskilling there is to see on the Sentinel’s Fate Beta and will continue to make EQTraders your one-stop shop for Tradeskill info.  Check out the screen snapshoty goodness Niami has posted so far at EQTraders.

EverQuest II: Sentinel’s Fate DD Pre-Order Coming Soon

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Kiara has posted the following on EQ2 Forums:

International customers will be able to DD the expansion on Feb 16th and take advantage of the headstart offer.

They will receive the DD version of the game and the things included in that package:

  • These include:
    • 500 Station Cash
    • LoN Fall of Erudin scenario
    • 30 days free play time for new accounts
    • In-game armor piece – Guarding of the Learned

The distributors have not yet been announced.  We are still waiting on some final requirements to be met.  As soon as we are permitted to do so, we will announce the distributors and provide links to their pages.

US and Canadian customers will not have the DD option on the 16th.

I will update this thread again when I have the international distribution information to post.

Mythical Weapons in Sentinel’s Fate

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Mythicals present a significant challenge to EQ2 developers trying to create desirable weapons for players at level 90. Some of the Mythical effects are uniquely powerful and no player would even consider replacing them without getting the same effect with another weapon. For this reason, it was announced at Fan Faire that mythicals would become either an equippable charm, or a clickable item.

Already, in Beta, players have discovered that, when equipped, Mythicals would not modify level 81-90 spells (eg. Chimes of Blades III, etc.).

The Truth Comes Out

Frizznik has posted in the Beta forums that owners of their Epic weapons will be able to do a challenging heroic quest called “Epic Repercussions” at level 90 to gain a Persistent Spell which gives them the effects of their Mythical weapon.

Mythical Conversion

Mythicals are a large part of character power, and we don’t want to remove that functionality at higher levels.  We did however want to make weapon slot upgrades viable again.  In the expansion, mythical weapons can be converted into a spell by doing a quest.  The new spell will take the mythical’s proc and buff components and convert them into a “Until Cancelled” buff. Any subclass with an activatable effect will have that effect converted into a spell as well.  You will also be able to retain the mythical appearance through an appearance only or house item.

Effect Changes

We needed to make a few changes to how some of the mythical effects worked. The modifications will also be applied to the effects on the existing mythical weapons.

Mystic: The reuse time of the activatable portion is now 10 minutes rather than 5 minutes.  We didn’t want to weaken the effect, but the duration and reuse made this effect too powerful so we increased the reuse time.
Wardens: The triggered proc will now trigger off of any heal rather than only critical heals.  The effect will only trigger once per cast rather than up to six times per cast for group heals.  The power gain on group heals was greater than intended.
Illusionists: The triggered power proc was reduced to one trigger rather than three.  The power gain was too too high across the entire group.
Rangers: The bonus based on proximity was removed and replaced with a bonus that is active all the time.  The bonus is equal to the bonus you would have gotten at point blank range.
Conjuror and Necromancer:  The new spell effect will increase the damage of the pet’s spells and auto-attack damage directly, rather than summoning a new pet.  The existing mythical will not been altered.

Most of the mythicals are a direct conversion from the item to the spell.  The spell version will modify level 80-90 spells.

The heroic quest to acquire the Mythical Spell effect will be available to players who own either the Fabled or Mythical versions of their Epic weapons.

The significance of these changes will be felt by Rangers (yay, I can stand anywhere I need to!). And Summoners starting out the expansion will be able to continue to use their special Mythical pet. My understanding is that the mythical pet’s maximum level is 83. Then, after completing the quest, they’ll be able to cast one of thier other pets and cast the Mythical Spell to buff that pet instead. The folks who will lose out the most are Illusionists who will see a huge loss in how much power they are able to regenerate.

Bracing for Betrayal

Kaitheel has advised us that the Mythical spell will be cancelled, and the Mythical spell removed from your knowledge book if you betray to another alignment. The last step (as well as previous steps) of “Epic Repercussions” requires you to have the fabled or mythical weapon in your inventory or bank to complete the quest.  Completion of the quest removes the original weapon (from either inventory or bank).

Once you have completed the quest “Epic Repercussions”, if you betray your class, you will be able to speak with an NPC on the Nektulos Forest docks to trade in your useless spell gem for a new one of your new alignment. In other words, you no longer need to re-do your fabled/epic/mythical quest if you betray.

The Mythical Appearance

Gninja reports in on the topic of still having your mythical weapon appearance:

When you finish the quest you get the spells appropriate for your class, an appearance only weapon to use if you so choose, and a house item version of your weapon.

Our Stand

Considering mythicals are pretty much just knowing the right person or paying the right amount of plat to get into a raid, I have no issues with this change.

Sentinel’s Fate Group Dungeon & Raid Zone List by Difficulty

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Sentinel’s Fate Group Dungeon & Raid Zone List by Difficulty

Difficulty Rating Key

Easy to Moderate
Moderate to Hard

The Hole contested (82-90)

Sprawling dungeon with 3 wings of difficulty, most content tailored for 2-4 players.
Old Paineel
Dartain’s Fortress
Tower of Serilis

The Hole instances

Demitrik’s Bastion (85+)
The Outer Vault (88+)
Spirit’s Resonance (88+)

Vasty Deep

The Conservatory (86-88)
The Abandoned Labs (90)
The Vestigal Cella (90)


Erudin Library (87-89)
Erudin Research Halls (90)
Erudin Royal Palace (90)

The Vigilant

The Vigilant: Incursion! (90)
The Vigilant: Infiltration! (90)
The Vigilant: Rescue! (90)

Sentinel’s Fate x2 Raids

The Vigilant: Final Destruction (x2)

Sentinel’s Fate x4 Raids

Sentinel’s Fate: Lair of the Dragon Queen (x4)
Perah’Celsis’ Abominable Laboratory (x4)
The Palace of Roehn Theer (x4)

Preview: Sentinel’s Fate Raiding

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From EQ2Players:

Raiding is an important part of gameplay for many and is a part of every MMO. Roger “Patherpanchali” Uzun designs the raids for EQII and Brett “Timetravelling” Scheinert often works with him on these. Timetravelling was kind enough to sit down and give us an overview of the new raids coming with Sentinel’s Fate.

We have three x4 raid instances launching with:

  • Sentinel’s Fate: Lair of the Dragon Queen (x4)
  • Perah’Celsis’ Abominable Laboratory (x4)
  • The Palace of Roehn Theer (x4)

For x4 content players will discover the Lair of the Dragon Queen first, then Perah’Celsis’ Abominable Laboratory, and finally The Palace of Roehn Theer. The relative difficulties progress in a similar pattern. One thing that is relatively new is that they are all built in a manner similar to Miragul’s Planar Shard—the normal mode encounters are challenging and offer internal progression. However, the challenge-mode versions within all zones are a step above and offer players a truly difficult foe!

There will also be a x2 raid — The Vigilant – based on the 3 Vigilant difficult level 90 group zones.

Further, Timetravelling has dropped the other shoe, so to speak, on the other Adornments which will be available to raiders. Instead of 12 sets or 24 sets of gear, there will be just a handful of raid gear sets. It would seem that the Sentinel’s Fate Raid Gear Sets will have a second adornment slot which will allow players to further specialize their gear how they see fit.

There were numerous balance issues in both TSO and RoK that came up again and again:

  • Unique set bonuses were often so desirable, that players often worked very hard to avoid having to break the bonuses when upgrading to a later set
  • With 24 classes and 24 sets, loot tables had a tendency to often be…unkind

In The Sentinel’s Fate we are addressing these issues by moving away from class-specific sets. Many of the sets will fulfill a role/playstyle—such as a plate-wearing tank, or a leather-wearing healer—instead of being the Berserker or Fury set. However, we certainly did not want to cause players to lose the unique focus effects and set bonuses received from their gear.

For that, we have created a new system of adornments based upon color. Gear in Sentinel’s Fate can be created to allow more than one adornment upon each item. Almost all items will have a ‘white’ adornment slot that will allow players to continue to apply adornments normally as on live. In addition, raid armor will receive an additional ‘red’ adornment slot that is restricted to raid-level adornments. These adornments can be either powerful generic effects (such as dps-enhancing stats or critical mitigation) or a number of class-specific adornment effects. For example, the Berserker might—in some bizarre Kiara-run-world—receive an adornment that causes them to spawn Rabid Bunny pets whenever their Berserk effect is activated.

These changes should help to reduce the often extremely wide range of loot on any particular encounter while additionally providing players with even more ways to tailor their characters to their playstyle and spec.

Check out the complete article at EQ2Players.

New Guild Hall Amenities – Standard Bearer & Wizard Spire

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While we don’t have all the details on what perks will be available to Guilds reaching the new level 90 cap, we know that Game Update #55 will add 2 new Guild Hall Amenities.

The first is pretty straightforward. It’s a Wizard Portal NPC with all the destinations available from the Ulteran Spires. It does not include the Kingdom of Sky zones of Tenebrous Tangle, Barren Sky, or Bonemire: Realm of Dawn. You’ll still need that amenity if your guildies are making regular use of these zones.

The second new Guild Hall Amenity is the Guild Standard Bearer. If you’ve ever been on a group or raid and just didn’t have the right setup. If only you had a little more oomph, more defensive stats, more DPS, etc. you could clear the zone and claim your reward.

The Guild Standard Bearer is a bit like a vending machine, selling (at a steep platinum cost) zonewide buffs to your allies within a group or raid instance. No doubt there will be more items added to this amenity over time.


Guild Standard (Click to Enlarge)

Updated Notes from Beta (added Friday, Feb 5th)

  • These are only usable in Instances.
  • They are not usable in Battlegrounds.
  • We can expect more Standards to be added.
  • Only one can be active inside a group dungeon or raid zone.
  • Hopefully before Sentinel’s Fate launches, the descriptions for these items will contain specific numbers such as amounts of bonuses, etc.

Sentinel’s Fate Adornments Revamp

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The Adornments system in EQ2 has always been pretty confusing. And so far, there just have not been a lot of options for certain classes in certain slots for adornments.

Each of the 9 tradeskill classes and the 2 secondary tradeskill classes have each made a handful of adornments. necessitating adornment websites to keep it all straight. We are thrilled to see that the Kanga will be updating her fantastic EQ2 Adornments site for Game Update 55.

With Game Update 55, adornments have been rebuilt from the ground up. In fact some prized adornments (Parry) can no longer be crafted as the recipes have been removed.

Starting with Game Update 55, all adornments are crafted by those players who choose the secondary tradeskill of Adorning. If you were a 400 Transmuter, then you will be a 400 Transmuter and 400 Adorner on February 16th.

Continuing Coverage of Game Update #55 and Sentinel’s Fate

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EQ2Wire is providing continuing coverage of Game Update #55 (now on Test) and the Sentinel’s Fate expansion.

News is coming hot and fast now, so we’ve improved how news items are labeled and have added a News Ticker at the top of the site.

Don’t forget the UStream Sentinel’s Fate Beta Tour which will be led by Alan “Brenlo” Crosby. This is tomorrow Friday at 4PM PDT.

We are currently working on articles about the new Adornments, Guild Amenities, Leveling Tweaks, and a Zone List for the expansion.

Zone Timers (Lockouts) Window

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And just to bring out tour of the UI improvements in Game Update #55 full circle, the lowly Zone Timers (Lockouts) window has been the bane of many a raid leader, as they remind players over and over to reset their group/raid persistent zone timers.

While I didn’t see a /resetallzones command (there might be one, I’m just not aware of it), the new Filter function at the bottom of the Zone Timers window should help considerably at raid time.


Knowledge Filter

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Many of us have been faced with the prospect of trying to find a spell or combat art out of our Knowledge book, only to be frustrated by a wall of all our spells from levels 1-80. This will only get more difficult when another tier of spells is added with the expansion. Fortunately, the Knowledge book has gotten a great new Filter feature that lets you choose to only show the highest level version of each spell you have. This doesn’t just mean all the spells from 71-80. Some classes have abilities which do not get updated beyond level 35 or levels 51-55. These show up with this Filter option set.

Screen shot after the jump…

Expanded Quest Journal and Quest Helper

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You’ve probably already seen screenshots of the Updated Quest Window. We saw it way back in November when Brenlo posted it as a twitter picture. It’s great to finally see it coming to the live game.

If you’ve ever been frustrated with having to constantly open the Quest Journal and flip through your quests to see what steps you need on all the quests you are working on in a certain area, you will be relieved to see the multi-quest tracking feature of the new Journal.

Now, you determine what quests appear in your Quest Helper floating window by clicking the checkbox next to each quest you want to track. You can track, I believe, up to 10 quests at a time. You’ll notice there’s even a diamond icon next to each quest with the color of the quest’s level. Also, when you get a quest update, the quest name flashes briefly to draw attention to which quest was updated.

Screen Shot after the jump…

Consolidated Stats Persona Window

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Consolidating Stats

Sentinel’s Fate consolidates many separate stats in an effort to simplify itemization. Developers have been hounded on the EQ2 forums for “ignoring” healers, hybrid classes which need both spell and melee abilities, etc. in designing gear. Stat Consolidation is a huge step in making a smaller set of gear usable by a larger player population. Here is the list of changes:

  • Crit = Damage Spell Crit, Melee Crit, Range Crit, Heal Crit
  • Crit Bonus = Spell Crit Bonus, Melee Crit Bonus, Range Crit Bonus
  • Double Attack = Double Attack, Ranged Double Attack
  • Potency = Base Spell Damage, Base Combat Art Damage, Base Taunt, Base Heal Amount
  • Ability Mod = +CA Damage, +Spell Damage Mod, +Heal Amount
  • Physical Mitigation = vs. Crushing, vs. Slashing, vs. Piercing
  • Elemental Resist = Cold, Heat resists
  • Noxious Resist = Disease, Poison resists
  • Arcane Resist = Divine, Magic, Mental resists

Consolidated Stats naturally lead to a simplified Persona Window. Most classes will no longer have to hunt in Spell Stats and Melee Stats to find their Crit, Crit Bonus, Double Attack, etc. numbers. They’re all right there on the main Persona page. There isn’t even a Ranged Stats page anymore.

Inflated Stats?

If you think about how this consolidation works, you’ve probably realized that it’s going to be very easy for Druids, for example, to end up with 100% spell/heal/melee crit, or for rangers to end up with 100% self-buffed Double Attack/Ranged Double Attack. We already know that this expansion is going to be all about Crit Bonus. I think the developers have just accepted that even casual raiders are going to be at (or very close to) the 100% caps for Spell/Heal/Range/Melee Crit on day 1.

Breaking Down Transmuting

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I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what changes we’ll be seeing to Transmuting come February 16th. So I thought it was worth a rehash as Transmuting is changing quite a bit.

The Way It Was

Transmuting started out as a secondary tradeskill. It granted the ability to not only break down unwanted Treasured, Legendary, Mastercrafted, and Fabled gear, but also make certain adornments. But the drawbacks have been many.

Transmuting could only be skilled up to 100 by breaking down items. Reaching 400 skill could only be achieved by crafting (at great expense) hundreds of worthless low level adornments. And because the adornment recipes were spread over all 9 primary tradeskill classes, as well as transmuters and tinkerers, there has never been a great demand for Transmuters.  Really, only 1-2 Transmuters have been needed in any one guild just to break down unwanted No Trade group/raid loot.

Transmuting in Sentinel’s Fate

Domino, lead tradeskill developer, took a lot of player feedback at Fan Faire and on the EQ2 Forums in order to revamp Transmuting and the art of making Adornments. In the process, the entire array of adornments has received attention as well. A lot of gaps have been filled and more options opened.

The biggest change is that Transmuting has been split from Adorning. They are now two separate skills. Transmuting becomes just another harvesting ability which all players get like Mining, Foresting, Trapping, and Gathering. By breaking down items, you can skill up your Transmuting ability from 1-450.


Where the rubber meets the road, so to speak, is in the new Adorning skill. Adorners make EVERY player-made adornment in the game. Instead of adornment recipes being spread out through all of the tradeskill classes, Adorners will be the only game in town for getting your favorite adornments. Adorners can only skill up their ability by creating adornments.

Best of Both Worlds

As we have reported, with Sentinel’s Fate, you will now be able to be a skilled Tinkerer and experienced Adorner on the same character. Both skills can be raised to 450 on the same toon!

The Transition

Those who have already mastered the art of Transmuting will find their skill carries forward in Sentinel’s Fate. If you have a Transmuting ability of 362, then when you login on February 16th, you will find that your character has skills of Transmuting 362/450 and Adorning 362/450. You’ll probably need to pick up any new recipes for new adornments that have come out, but you don’t have to start over!

Since a lot more people are going to be Transmuting, I’m going to link to the Transmuting FAQ. Figuring out which items can be transmuted is tricky at first.

Primary Character Stats Changes

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Everything you know about the main Character Stats is about to change.

For the past 5 years, in addition to the primary stats that each class uses:

  • Predators have focused on STR to do melee and ranged damage and INT to increase poison damage.
  • Druids have focused on STR to do more melee damage.
  • Crusaders have focused on INT for spell damage and WIS for healing.

These are just the most obvious examples, but all 24 classes had some unique benefits from the different Stats. Starting with Sentinel’s Fate, each class now benefits significantly from just ONE statistic, even if they are considered a “hybrid” class.

Erolissi Day – Feb 4 – Feb 16

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Erollisi Day festivities started at midnight, February 4th (after a brief hotfix) and will run until the expansion (February 16th).

Erollisi Day is the celebration of the goddess of love and all things related to the emotion that sets hearts to galloping!

With the return of Erollisi Day, many of your favourite activities from previous years’ celebrations are making comebacks with new rewards!

Erollisi Day @ EQ2Players

Erollisi Day 2010 Event @ EQ2 ZAM

Erollisi Day Crafting @ EQTraders

Crushbone, Befallen, Permafrost Downtime (Fri Feb 5th)

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From the EQ2 Forums:

Crushbone, Befallen, and Permafrost will be brought down Friday morning for some upgrades to address the lag issues.

The estimated downtime is four hours.

We’ll be bringing down the servers at 6am PST and will update this thread with details as needed.

Rothgar has been communicating what steps the server team have been taking with regards to this issue. You may be interested in some of those details he’s posted, after the jump.

Game Update 55 Begins Move to Test Server

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The EQ2 Test Server has just been updated with most of Game Update 55. GU55 will be the free content available to all EQ2 players on February 16th, to coincide with the release of the expansion.

The biggest part of GU55 (with the loss of New Halas, Shaders 3, and the TS Revamp) are Battlegrounds.

Players are being asked to run dungeons, etc. to see what effect combat changes may have had.

Rothgar @ EQ2 Forums

Sentinel’s Fate Beta Tour

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From EQ2Players:

You’re invited to SOE’s first ever Ustream Beta Tour, on Friday, February 5, 2010, hosted by Alan “Brenlo” Crosby, Senior Producer of EverQuest II.

Beginning at 4:00 p.m. PST (7:00pm EST), tune in to SOE’s Ustream channel to get an exclusive guided tour of EverQuest II: Sentinel’s Fate, through the eyes of the game’s producer.

Sentinel’s Fate, the sixth expansion of the groundbreaking EverQuest II franchise, transports players into a universe of legend and lore where adventures are just the beginning. The fabled lands of Odus, filled with epic quests, magnificent dungeons and limitless content provide the ultimate MMO experience for new players and seasoned veterans alike. Sentinel’s Fate presents the next chapter of the EverQuest II legacy which will be written by the passion of players and fueled by the hunger for adventure.

Brenlo: New Halas delayed til GU56

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Last week, we reported our suspicions about New Halas being delayed, but we now have official confirmation. New Halas will be released as a free content update in Game Update 56. This would likely be in May based on the current GU release cycle. Here is Brenlo‘s official announcement:

Halas is indeed delayed until GU 56.  We (read I) were a bit ambitious in our grand plans for the year and despite my constant whipping, we could not squeeze in everything we had on the agenda.  Thus we are taking our time to get it right and get it out there in a truly awesome state.  Hopefully this will help tide some of you over.

Brenlo has posted a New Halas screen shot on Twitter, presumably of the housing we will see in New Halas:

City Festival Feb 1-7: Gorowyn

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Last month, the first ever City Festival camped outside the Kelethin gates and provided a selection of both local and traveling rewards, house items, and temporary costumes (I want that Gi as a permanent item!!).

When it pulled up stakes, we had no idea where it would end up next. Early this morning we caught wind of the news that the traveling City Festival had arrived in Gorowyn. The theme for Gorowyn seems to be all things in a deep crimson. Here’s a sneak of what you can purchase with City Tokens for the next week, before the event rolls on to the next city.


While the City Festival is running, City Tokens can be earned for doing tradeskill and other tasks for the event hosts. City Tokens can also be earned any time just by doing City Writs.

If you are going to plan out your Guild Hall or house, there is no better place to lookup Furniture, House Items, etc. than EverSeek.com. Expect them to have the updated Gorowyn city fest items soon!

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