Brewday Returns to Norrath — Runs March 6th to March 17th

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From the EQ2 Forums:


It’s Brewday once again in Norrath, and there’s nothing like the Dwarven celebration of Brell and beer to bring your spirits up! Adventurers across Norrath are invited to sample exotic brews, complete festive quests, and visit the mysterious Bar of Brell.

New for 2014:
Beer Tokens: Better than real money (because beer!), this special currency is a new quest reward option and can be used to purchase event-exclusive items.

Brewday Recipes: Take a break from drinking to craft some brand new Brewday items! Balin Copperfoot in the Bar of Brell has copies of “Brewday Accouterments to Craft V,” as well as previous editions.

New Quests: There’s some strange noises coming from below the Bar of Brell, and it’s not the band, the brawlers, or the boasting patrons. Speak with the bartender to learn more!

Brewday Bounty: Visit merchant Balin Copperfoot in the Bar of Brell for seven new Brewday items.

Returning Favorites:

Bar of Brell: The Duke of Below has created a magical bar for the denizens of Norrath, so stop in for a pint or three! You’ll find the entrances in Antonica, The Commonlands, Greater Faydark, Haven, Timorous Deep, and Frostfang Sea.
Butcherblock Beer Garden: Otengrad Brauer has set up a beach beer garden just East of the Butchblock Docks, but the festivities have drawn swarms of thirsty goblins! Hop on a magic Brewday carpet to clear ‘em out and earn some great prizes.

Brewday Achievements: Prove yourself to be a true Brewday fan and earn these holiday achievements: “The Great Brewday Pub Crawl,” “Festive Furniture,” “Pub N’ Suds,” “Drunk Level: Dwarf,” and “Can’t Hold Their Liquor.”

Bountful Brewday Gardens: You’ll need these special gathering nodes to craft Brewday items! The Gardens are only visible with your Ale Goggles and can be found near the entrances to the Bar of Brell.

Brews Across Norrath collectibles: Find magical purple collectibles near bars and Brewday activities to earn the festive Kaladim Brew cloak!

Brewday runs from March 6th through March 14, 2014.

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